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The diabetes dog needle online store is provided as a courtesy to our readers. Canine diabetes is managed with insulin which is injected 1x or 2x/day in order to use sugars, fats and proteins for energy.

3 types of insulin are used:* short-acting(crystalline, regular) to help quickly regulate the body until a dogs appetite returns* Lente and NPH insulins are intermediate-acting* Ultralente and PZI insulins are long- acting

Types of Dog Insulin Syringes

There are different kinds of veterinary syringes, so be sure to get the exact type specified by your veterinarian. Diabetes mellitus dog needle syringes can vary based on the amount of insulin it holds:

  • 30 units
  • 50 units
  • 100 unit

Needles need to be sterile which is why they come wrapped in plastic or paper. Use a new veterinary syringe for each injection. After opening the package containing the syringe, be sure to leave the cap that covers the needle on until ready to use.

Dog Syringe

Pictured above are the following:
  • 30 unit syringe with 5 unit increments
  • 100 unit syringe with 10 unit increments - 10, 20, 30, etc. The smallest lines between the numbers on a 100 unit syringe, measure 2 units of insulin
  • 30 unit syringes are numbered by 5's; 5, 10 , 15, etc. The smallest lines between the numbers on a 30 unit syringe, measure 1 unit of insulin

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