Dog and Cat Tagg Tracking Device for Piece of Mind

by Virgil Scigla
(Pleasanton, Ca)

Ceasars TAGG Pet Tracker

Ceasars TAGG Pet Tracker

I purchased a Tagg tracking device for my year old cat(Ceasar)(pix). Though the cat is small and slinky(about 7lbs).

The Tagg device mounts on his collar well and probably provides protection from attacks from other animals.

Owning the device for almost 2 months has gained a lot of insight into where cats go. You'll be amazed how far a cat may roam from home.The only drawback on cellular gps trackers is that there may be a slight delay(5 secs-a mins or so when you request a track. A cat or dog can cover a bit of distance in that time. Never the less you'll be very close on location.

I am looking for a cam that I could attach and do live streaming. A GPS tracking device is a MUST for any family pet. Now when Caesar goes out rest assured that daddy is keeping his eye on him. The virtual fence is a great tool along with text messages. He wears the tracker 24-7 as he is a little sneak.

I recommend the TAGG to all pet owners. Verizon wireless has excellent coverage in most of the US.Setup/Operation of the device is very simple. If I am charging the Tagg my cat knows he can't go outside without it on. Battery life is very good.

Enjoy a piece of mind!

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