Keeping Track of My Blind Deaf Small Dog

by Vallrie Good
(Orange Park, FL USA)

My deaf dog

My deaf dog

Can someone help me find help or solutions for my blind deaf sweet little best friend soon. My dog Buffy went pretty much blind and deaf. She is a Shitzu Lhapsa, under 10 pounds. She is otherwise in good health and does not act her age.

She was always very obedient, clings next to me (not in a fearful way). She was always very obedient and very intelligent since she learns quickly. She would have been a great circus dog.

She lost these 2 senses fairly quickly so no way to prepare ways to communicate. Anytime I go out any door, and we have many, she tends to slip out very quickly, sometimes unnoticed.

Sometimes she keeps on going and I can't find her. She won't be far but I am not very mobile at this time and she gets scared and won't let anyone catch her or get close. I need a very small locator or a perimeter alarm.

Any suggestions? She wore an electric fence collar even in the house but she became terrified as she sometimes loses her bearings and when she feels the warning vibration she freaks.

I need something that lets me know or lets me find her very quickly. So I don't have a heart attack:? Can you help me. She is very quick and bounces everywhere like a lamb with an over exaggerated jump especially when she's been lost, almost like a Kangaroo.

I would also entertain any kind of hearing aid or vision help. Have been told her eyes are retinal issues. Can find nothing in Florida that will help. Would appreciate any help related to his..

Thanks. Please email vallrie (at) if you can help. This is written poorly but hope you can get the gist of it and some one can give me some info that will help.


Editor Suggestions

Hi Vallrie,

You mentioned a few problems with caring for your dog. Here are some thoughts:

1. Dog Hearing Aids: A Vet can provide a dog hearing aid that is made specifically for your dog. It is like the hearing aids prescribed for humans that fit behind the ear. Note that not all dogs react well to the devices, while smaller dogs do better than larger. There havs been many advances in the quality of these devices, making it worthwhile to check in with your Vet to see if your dog is a good candidate.

Like humans, there are other options for deaf dogs such as a cochlear implant or prostheses. These are actually implanted in the dog using electrodes. The only problem with this approach is the high cost of $20,000 to $25,000. You can learn more here.

2. GPS Dog Tracking Device: A GPS tracking device such as a Tagg tracker from Garmin will send you a text alert when your dog escapes and allows you to set up invisible perimeters which will notify you where your dog is. It will solve the problem of locating your dog.

3. How Teach Dog to Not Run Out the Door: Unfortunately running out the door is a self reinforcing behavior. The reward of running free reinforces the behavior. The best approach is to try and prevent it from happening. Given that your dog is blind and deaf, training may not be an option. Here are some tips that might help.

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