4 Things You Should Know As A Newbie Dog Owner

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"Adopting and owning a dog can be an exciting process. You just signed yourself up for a lifetime of cuddles, a companion in times of need, and a loyal friend. Being a first-time pup parent can be overwhelming, and there is a learning curve to it. Here is a list of 4 things you should know as a newbie dog owner."

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1. Do Your Homework

Dogs come in different breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities. At some point, you may have wanted a chihuahua, or perhaps, you saw a picture of your friend with their husky and thought it looked cool. Whatever the case, it is crucial that you research the needs of each breed. 

The larger breeds require more outside time and physical exercise, while the smaller ones can be excellent companions if you like staying indoors. However, smaller species are at risk of being injured easily. If you have children, consider adopting a puppy over five months old. They can easily be trained not to hurt the children. 

2. Don't Forget the Additional Costs

Often newbie dog owners overlook the costs that come with adopting a dog. Consider adjusting your budget to include the following 

  • Leashes
  • Dog hygiene products 
  • Vet bills
  • Grooming bills
  • Trainer (if applicable)

The commitment of costs involved can be overwhelming for many individuals. The monthly, annual, and less-frequent expenses add up to a lot and should be considered before adopting a dog.

3. Build a Shopping List

Now that you have the basics covered, you must prepare your home ahead of your dog's arrival. Here is a list of must-have items that can prove valuable for a first-time dog owner. 


You can either go to the nearby store to buy a dog bed or fashion one out of your old blankets. However, the DIY will not last long, and once a puppy grows out of their chewing phase, they may refuse to use it at all. 

Dog Food

In an ideal world, newbie dog owners would not be riddled with an overwhelming array of options for dog food. The information found with blue diamond dog food recommends implementing a diet that fulfills your canine's nutritional requirements. It should be packed with antioxidants, DHA, vegetables, and fruits to improve digestive health.

Cleaning Supplies

As much as you try to prevent it, spilling accidents with dogs in a house is inevitable. They will be going out, rolling around in the mud, and coming back inside with dirty paws. Investing in a product that can eliminate strong odors, clean off dirt easily, and remove the shedding hair will save you a ton of trouble and time.

4. Find a Great Vet

Newbie dog owners often overlook the responsibility of finding a good vet. To prevent yourself from frantically wandering around in times of emergency, it is essential to set aside some time to research the vets in close proximity to you. You should build a checklist before deciding on and visiting a vet to make the most of your time there! 

Finally, the one piece of advice that every newbie dog owner should hear is that they need to relax. You will find hundreds of extensive online guides that are not only time-consuming and costly but can also make you feel stressed. Your dog will know if you are stressed, so the best thing you can do is take a deep breath, give your new puppy a long hug and figure it out along the way.