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Stop Dog from Begging for Food

My dog constantly begs everyone for food. I know I started this bad behavior and I need to figure out how to get my dog to stop begging me for my food.

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9 week old Puppy and Garlic breath

My puppy has a garlic smell to her breath. No other symptoms. What could this be? Editor Suggestion for Garlic Dog Breath A garlic smell on a puppy's

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Flea Anemia Treatment

My dog apparently has anemia caused by the flea infestation we’ve had. He’s been more listless than usual, his gums are pale pink, he does have a very

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Dog Anal Area Odor Treatment

My yellow lab, going on three in April, very healthy and up to date on all his shots recently has had an unusual odor coming from his anal area. I noticed

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Pyoderma? Abscess? Skin irritation?

We thought she had gotten insect bites and aggravated them. Swelling went down and I have been using antiseptic shampoo and iodine to clean. Tried to clean

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Hair Loss on Puppy

My 6 month old puppy started scratching his side and hind leg area about 2 weeks ago. When I took him for a walk he would start rolling around in leaves.

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She is approximately 7 years old, 46 pounds, and appears to be a (Dakota Sport) which does not sound like a real breed of dog but who am I to decide that.

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Cushings Disease Medications

My dog has symptoms of Cushings disease. My vet informed me that after they do the acth stimulation test and if it is positive there is a new medication

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My dog came down with Addison's immediately after she got her yearly shots which this year included a 3-yr. rabies shot

My dog Sadie, a purebred Skye Terrier, 5 1/2 yrs. old was diagnosed with Addison's immediately after she got her yearly shots which included a 3-yr rabies

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Large bladder

I took my dog in to see a vet. she had to have an X-ray as I was worried she may have swallowed a pin. The vet noticed in the X-ray that her bladder

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Tapeworms in Puppy Came in Contact With Older Dog - Should We Treat

Our sons new puppy has worms, the little rice looking ones and played with our 8 year old dog, should we treat him for worms now? Editor Suggestion -

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male dog urinary incontinence

Jake, male golden retriever, had been straining to defecate last summer (August) and the vet thought he had an enlarged prostate or infection. So we treated

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Sheltie Dermatomyositis & Coughing, Sneezing

My 6 1/2 yr old Sheltie was diagnosed with dermatomyositis when he was about 6 months old. He exhibits hair loss on his face, I give him a natural supplement

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neutered dog with enlarged prostate

My 14 YO 73 lb. dog has an enlarged prostate. He was neutered when he was about 1.5 yrs old. Do they not always remove most of the prostate when a dog

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Dry Skin Condition

My dog Tanner has been diagnosed with Addisons Disease he is on medication which cost me over One hundred dollars a month. Our dog is part of our family

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Abscess On Face

What ever is on his face appeared suddenly.....About 2 months ago, a small lump appeared on the edge tip of his ear. It now looks like a wart, and does

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5 Steps to Changing Your Dogs Feeding Schedule | Dog Health Guide

dog feeding schedule change

Follow these 5 simple steps to ease your dog into a new feeding schedule.

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Permanent Dog Ear Yeast Infection Issue

My little 12-year-old female Yorkie mixed dog has had ear problems for many years.No vets could ever figure it out why, and no matter what solution they

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Denuded Areas on One Hind Leg

My 16 yr old retriever mix has developed a denuded area on her lower hind leg that started a few weeks ago. No known trauma or injury and it seems to have

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West Highland White Terrier With Itchy Skin

my dog itches practically all the time he has cuts over his body from where he has been itching and his hair off his chest is falling out all the time

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