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Possible Causes and Treatment of Large Sore on a Dogs Back

From second time round, on his third and isn’t as bad.

My dog has a large sore on his back that reoccured twice now, and has blistered once. We suspect that it’s an allergic reaction to cactus, but it is localized

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Calluses on Leg Due to Chronic Pressure

Close up pic of the sore or calluses

Nikki-Our blue beagle has had a scabby patch on her leg for a few years. The vet said it is common and is caused by her lying down and putting pressure

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Causes of Sore on Dog Leg

Sore on Dog Leg

Can you identify what type of dog skin sore this is? I’m sending a picture. Editor Suggestions Regarding the Cause of a Dog Skin Sore on One Leg Hi Krystal,

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Treatment for a Bleeding Dog Skin Tag

my pit bull is about 8 and has a skin tag that’s bleeding. what can i do to get it to heal up? it’s on his stomach area. Editor Suggestion for Treating

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Swollen Blistered Pads Long Broken Nails

Swollen Dog Pads

My dog paws are swollen and have sores and I’m guessing because he licks them a lot or because of his nails I have tried many different things and can

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Osteochchandroma Or Other Cause Diagnosis Approach

My 12 year old staffy terrier has had this hard lump on her femur. My Staffy has had the lump for about 1 1/2 years, and during that time it grew slowly.

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Does My Dog Have Manage

Skin Infection on Dog's Lower Back

Frenchie about 7 years old female itches horribly until the skin bleeds. the skin has a large hairless area on the lower back. Hairless skin area has large

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Irritated Dog Paw With Limp

My dog is limping and licking his paw. the skin around the pads has a reddish dark red raised area surrounded by normal looking skin. What are possible

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Causes and Treatment of Sores on Dogs Face

Right side of face

I have a 9yo F Olde English Bulldog, 60lbs. She was found in 2014 at a truck stop covered in chemicals. She has always had a terrible immune system and

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Sores All Over Dog Body


Hello, my name is Martha and this is my furbaby Halo. We have been to the vet many times and the vet did a skin scrape and it came back as the following

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Red Dog Testicles

Here is the Testicles before

Last Wednesday I bathed my dog(shih tzu). He was well until I noticed his balls being red like a strawberry. Weeks before I already noticed that his balls

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Swollen and Purple Dog Toe

Swollen Dog Toe

Sadie is a 10month 53lb pitbull who has swelling toe that started 4days ago. She isn't walking on it. I have pictures. Today it's red/purple-ish Could

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Puppy Strangles

Puppy With Possible Case of Strangles

Hello I have a 9 month old teacup chihuahua and I have taken him into vet three times in the past month. My puppy who is 3 pounds stopped wanting to play

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Large Knot on Left Side of Dog Neck

My younger dog Thor has a large knot on left side and not the right side. I noticed a few days ago, he is only a year and 8 months old. His DNA came back

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Abscess or healing?

Recent photo of wound

So my girls (dogs) got into it the other day due to fence aggression. One girl got a good bite to the side. It’s been healing great with little draining

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How To Treat a Spot on Dog Nose

I have a 1 yr old male great Dane that has a spot on his nose. It's been there for like a week and half. He doesn't have a history, he has been fixed.

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Canine Persistent Skin Issue

Skin Lumps on Frenchie

My frenchie is covered with lumps that eventually dry and can be scraped off.He had these many years ago and vet couldn’t determine cause(not bacterial)so

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Bumps On My 6 Year Old Yorkie

Bumps on Yorkie

My dog has a few of these little bumps on her. She 6y old and they look like pimples or skin tag. Do I need to worry? Editor Suggestion Regarding Bumps

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Sores on My Dogs Head

Sores on Dog Head

What can I use to treat these sores on my dogs head? I'm guessing it is from a food allergy. He is a 9 year old Beagle/Rotty mix. He has arthritis in his

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Dog Sores on Back After Seizure

Sores on Dog Back

My dog had a seizure so we took her to vet. When we got back home we noticed her back felt wet and there were several sores oozing with puss. Some of about

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