Urgent Help Needed for Potentially Neglected Dog with Vomiting and Malnourishment Issues

by Jacob
(Gold coast, QLD Australia )

It's my friends sister dog, I'm really worried when I first seen him he was very Malnourished. My friend moved in with his sister and has been trying to look after him his putting weight but my friend doesn't know much about dogs and is limited on funds for food. I believe he has been getting over fed as my friend said when he feeds him he gets 850g of wet food and it will all be in the one meal he would eat it within 2 seconds but on average the dog doesn't eat about 2 days a week as they run out of food. I stayed there last night I noticed yesterday afternoon he had vomited about 3 times I then feed him 200g of wet food then this morning when I was leaving I noticed he vomited atlest another 5 times, it was quite large puddles looking foamy and yellow. I told my friends sister she needs to take him to the vet and she refuses saying he ok but I do not believe so as the dogs health would not be good from being malnourished as she doesn't walk, bath, pat, feed or give water. I want to do something to help but it's isn't my dog so I don't have insurance or the money for vets and he is the sweetest dog if I sit with him all he wants is cuddles and I don't think it's far he should suffer and possibly die because his owner doesn't care.

He doesn't look in pain as all I can see in him is sadness and depression but he doesn't have the energy he should he doesn't run around or anything I don't know the breed he's medium sized looks like he has some staffi in him or pit bull from what I believe.

Thoughts from Our Editor onImmediate Steps to Address Canine Malnourishment and Vomiting Concerns

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for reaching out and caring so much about your friend's sister's dog. It's clear from your description and the photos that this dog has had a rough time. He does appear to have characteristics of a
Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a pit bull-type dog, which are breeds known for their resilience but also their need for consistent care and nutrition.

The vomiting you’ve described, particularly being foamy and yellow, is concerning. This could be bile, indicating that the dog's stomach was empty for too long, or it could be a sign of gastrointestinal upset due to irregular feeding or even something more serious.

Here's what you can do:

Nutrition: The dog needs a balanced diet, fed two to three times a day in smaller amounts rather than one large meal. This helps prevent bloat, which can be a life-threatening condition, especially in larger breeds.

Hydration: Ensure he has constant access to fresh water, as dehydration can quickly become a problem, especially if he's been vomiting.

Medical Attention: It's imperative that he sees a vet as soon as possible. If funding is an issue, there are often charities or animal welfare organizations that offer assistance or low-cost clinics.

Basic Care: If he's not being walked or interacted with, this can indeed lead to depression in dogs. Regular exercise, even if it’s just gentle walks to start with, and consistent, loving interaction are crucial.

Vet Visit: Explain that a vet can provide a payment plan or advise on the most critical care to prioritize if funds are low. They might also be able to provide some immediate relief, such as anti-nausea medication, which isn't too costly.

Report Neglect: If you truly believe that the dog is being neglected and the owner is refusing to care for him properly, it may be necessary to report this to an animal welfare organization. It's a tough decision, but the dog's welfare must come first.

Temporary Care: If you’re able and willing, perhaps you could offer to look after the dog temporarily while your friend's sister's situation improves, or help find him a new home where he can receive the care he needs.

It's a heartbreaking situation, and I truly hope there's a way to get this sweet dog the care he deserves. Please act quickly; he's lucky to have someone like you in his corner.

Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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