Grooming Your Pup at Home: The Dos and Don'ts

Table of Contents

Overview | Brushing | Bathing | Trim Hair | Nail Trimming


"Dogs are one of the most mesmerizing pets to have. They're extremely joyful and bring about a feeling of happiness whenever you're around them. The grooming of your pet dog is essential. A well-groomed pup is going to look and feel better. Grooming sessions don't just freshen up a pup but also allow you to examine the pup's coat, eyes, ears, teeth, and nails for any sign of issues. 

The question arises "how often do you have to groom your pup?". Well, it depends upon various factors such as the breed, size, and coat of the pup. Moreover, grooming at home can be a bit confusing at times. For this reason, we've gathered the right tips to ensure you don't encounter any problems while grooming your pup at home."

boy with newly groomed puppy

Brushing at Home

Brushing your dog's hair is one of the most crucial aspects of grooming. It is the key to keeping a puppy clean. Some dogs may require more brushing than others depending upon the type of breed. It's much more beneficial to go down to the skin as it will also stimulate blood circulation due to the massaging action caused by brushing. 

However, it's imperative to use the right equipment for brushing. There are several types of brushes and you have to ensure you use the right one depending upon your dog's hair and breed. If you have a puppy with long hair, you should use a metal pin brush that goes through the hair easily. Moreover, brushing brings out the dirt so it's a good idea to brush your dog before bathing them.

Bathing at Home

Bathing is also an essential part of grooming. A dirty pup won't look or feel good. Unhygienic conditions caused by not bathing your pup can be harmful. Therefore, it's necessary to ensure that your dog has regular baths. The bathing sessions shouldn't be too frequent though. If you bathe your dog too frequently, it's going to remove the natural oils which prevent the coat from becoming dry and harsh. Furthermore, make sure you use the right shampoo. The best way to bathe a dog is to make it stand in a basin and protect its ears by putting cotton balls in. 

Wet the pup with warm water and ensure that you apply shampoo starting from the neck to the back. The next step is to lather and scrub your pup and then rinse with warm water. After this, you can also caress them with a towel and blow-dry their hair if necessary. 

Carefully Trim Your Puppy's Hair

Most dog owners prefer to take their dog to a groomer to have their pup's hair cut. However, if you're cautious and proceed to trim your dog's hair carefully, it's much better and easier than going to a groomer. Still, you need to be extra careful when trimming the overgrown hair on your puppy's eyes, paws, or ears. 

Make sure you use the most reliable equipment available. You can look for an online store that sells grooming scissors and shears for dogs. There are different types of scissors and shears so you have to make sure to choose the ones that you need. Moreover, you should always wait until your pup is calm before beginning the grooming process. Make sure you take your time and move your hand slowly and calmly while trimming. Be patient to avoid accidents. 

Nail Trimming

Although nail trimming is best done by a pro, if you feel confident enough, you can also give it a go. It's a good practice to make your pup comfortable with the noise of the equipment before actively trying to trim. Nevertheless, try to be as careful as possible while trimming. Close the clippers quickly because clipping slowly can cause chipping. Your clippers need to be sharp because dull ones cause the splitting of nails. Moreover, if you wish to use a nail grinder, you must know when to stop. After that point, bleeding starts. In case of bleeding, you can use a powder to stop the bleeding.

recently groomed puppy running

Even though it's a bit difficult to groom your dog at home, the pup will inevitably get used to it with time. It will take a little effort to make your pet comfortable with home grooming. Be confident while doing any of the grooming activities because your pup can sense if you're nervous. If they sense you're nervous, they will in turn become nervous themselves. This is going to put them on the defensive and they'll try to escape, so ensure you display the utmost confidence while grooming your pup.