Dog Health Insurance Policies in the United States

"Comparing dog health insurance policies in the United States is important since plans vary in terms of monthly cost, deductibles and whether or not they will cover certain breeds or pre-existing conditions. First, check to see if your plan covers three areas; accidents, illness and preventative care. Some companies, such as Pets Best (see below) cover elements of all three in every plan.  Others increase the cost when you add wellness or preventative care. Also make sure that the plan you select will let you choose any veterinarian, so you have flexibility for everyday care or when visiting an emergency veterinary center.  One approach for comparing plans is to get free online quotes from multiple companies at the same monthly cost and deductible level, followed by a comparison of benefits before making a decision (see below for suggestions). In general, buy a policy that protects against the types of problems that you can't afford, such as coverage for illness and accidents, and then add preventative care if you prefer a policy that is more comprehensive."

Dog health insurance policies in the United States are very similar to human health insurance. Insurance companies offer a range of policies tailored to suit the needs of your dog. Plans are designed to make sure that you can afford any needed medical treatment. Plans are also a way to protect against rapidly rising veterinary medical costs.

Many dog owners are starting to buy dog health insurance policies the United States due to the rising costs of health care and the piece of mind in knowing that you can give your pet the level of care you would expect for yourself.

Most companies start policies at age 6-8 weeks and depending on the company there may or may not be an age limit.

In Europe buying dog health insurance policies is common where over 1 out of 10 dogs are now insured.

Why Buy a Dog Health Insurance Policy in the United States?

Veterinarians can now successfully treat conditions that were previously considered untreatable. However with these advances comes an escalating cost of veterinary care. It is estimated that North American dog owners now spend over $10 billion a year on health care for their pets. The statistics show that most owners could benefit from some type of dog health insurance.

Selecting a Dog Health Insurance Policy in the United States

Policies tend to include some type of accident, illness or preventative/wellness coverage and protects the owner from unreasonably high costs. Some offer all three in one policy such as Pets Best (the first company to offer pet health insurance) and others such as Purina enable owners to choose just accident insurance.

Insurance policies vary by annual premium, deductibles, and coverage. Costs will change based on species, age, pre-existing conditions and sometimes if your dog lives primarily inside or outside.

Features of US Pet Health Insurance

There are several features that you should compare between Pet Health Insurance Policies:

For more on the common features of pet health insurance see our page on US dog pet insurance or dog health insurance policiy guide.

Pre-existing Conditions and Canine Health Insurance

As in all insurance, it varies by company. I was surprised to learn that even with a pre-existing condition, if your dog is stable for 3 to 12 months, many companies will accept your pet. This also depends on breed and type of illness (eg; if an illness is common in your breed, they may not write the insurance policy).

Try These Companies to Compare Dog Health Insurance Policies in the United States

Every insurance company is different. It is worth getting a few quotes to compare deductibles and coverage. A few reputable companies to request a free quote from are:

After you receive your quotes compare them to the checklist on our best choices dog insurance page or our information on cat and dog health insurance.

Have A Dog Insurance Suggestion for Our Readers?

Do you have Dog Pet Insurance Advice to Share? Please include the company name and how you have used the insurance policy to protect your dog.

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