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"Cat and dog health insurance costs as low as $20 a month and helps protect you and your pet against the high cost of veterinary care. Ask your veterinarian which insurance companies they work with. Check to see if they will accept the insurance in place of any required up front payments."


Cat and dog health insurance policies are becoming increasingly popular as the costs of health care for pets is rising. Advances in veterinary health care have come with an increased cost. The American Veterinary Medical Association has estimated that expenditures for veterinary services are rising twice as fast as the average of all consumer spending.

  • Routine procedures, such as a broken leg can cost $2,000 - $5,000.
  • Surgically removing ingested items such as rocks, sticks or toys can cost $1,000 - $3,000.
  • Treatment for cancer in dogs can cost $2,000 - $10,000 or more, depending on the severity and type of cancer.

Studies show that approximately 60% of dogs who are more than six years old will get some form of cancer.

The most recommended provider of health care for dogs is VPI.

What Cat and Dog Health Insurance Covers

Accidents and illnesses are always covered in pet health insurance policies.

Differences occur in other points of coverage such as wellness visits such as yearly check-ups, immunizations, and spaying and neutering. You'll pay more for a plan that does, and it may not be worth it. Do the math before buying the policy.

Most pet insurance policies don't cover dental care, except that resulting from an accident or emergency.

Picking Out a Policy

When selecting cat and dog health insurance, look at the deductibles. If you have to pay a high deductible, you won't save much money.

Look for a plan that allows you to see the vet of your choice, rather than one that restricts you to a small network of vets (call your veterinarian first to see what plans they accept). You'll want to be able to choose the best vet for your pets and be able to see a specialist or emergency vet when you need to.

What It Costs

The cost varies depending on many things, including where you live (that's because vets charge more in some areas of the country than in others), what breed of cat or dog you have (certain breeds are susceptible to certain illnesses), the age of your pet, and many other factors. A typical fee is about $20 per month, but it can vary widely depending on the policy you choose and the factors we've listed here. Add another $20 a month for wellness options.

You pay a monthly fee, and you may have a deductible before your insurance policy kicks in. Then the cat and dog health insurance policy pays a percentage, usually 80% of the total vet bill. You pay the remaining 20%.

Some plans also offer discounts for multiple pets.

Compare Insurance with Free Quotes from Several Companies

Since costs vary by type of dog, age and company, we suggest asking several for a free quote before purchasing. There are eleven companies offering pet health insurance in the United States.
Some offer quotes online including these recommended companies:

VPI - this company offers some of the most popular plans available.

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