CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

Cannabis has remained controversial in many countries around the world. That notwithstanding, it has continued to show that it can be used to treat several illnesses and disorders in animals, especially dogs. CBD oil is still a new product to many dog owners, while others do not even know about it and how it can be used to treat things like anxiety, cancer, joint pains, and bowel problems among others. 

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When using CBD oils, dog owners need to understand that every medication comes with its own drawbacks and side effects. However, they can avoid the side effects and any other drawbacks if they follow all the instructions issued and take all the precautionary measures required.   Also, you need to be aware of the regulations in your State such as these CBD dog care precautions in Missouri.

Ensuring the wellbeing of their dogs should be their priority, and one way of doing that is by using lab-tested CBD treats and oil. So, what do they need to know about CBD oil before using it on their dog?

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a liquid extracted from hemp or marijuana plant. There are about eighty different oils extracted from hemp and marijuana, but it is CBD that has shown healing properties. Most of the CBD oil is extracted from hemp, as compared to marijuana.

It is also important to note that CBD oil does not have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that makes people high when they consume marijuana. Hemp has less than 0.3% of THC, which is too little to make a dog or even a human being high.

What Can CBD Oil Be Used For?

CBD oil for dogs is commonly used when treating stress, sleeping disorders, a lazy metabolism, and restlessness in dogs. Many dog owners do not know that they can use it to treat other ailments such as anxiety (especially separation anxiety), chronic stress, and getting rid of certain phobias such as fear.

Anxiety in dogs is mostly caused by things such as confined spaces, loud noises, and traveling in vehicles. If left untreated, it can develop to be very traumatic and can affect the health and happiness of a dog. CBD oil calms dogs with such problems naturally and helps them adapt to the triggers of anxiety.

If your dog is going through any form of pain, you can also use CBD oil to ease the pain. It changes the dog’s brain receptors to pain and makes the dog respond differently. Pain such as joint pains, bowel problems, seizures, and simple injuries can be taken care of using CBD. And while there is still a need for more scientific studies related to CBD for dogs with anxiety, there are already a good number of studies that demonstrate good results when using CBD as a treatment for dogs suffering from seizures and arthritis.

Finally, CBD can be used to treat inflammation, appetite disorders, cardiac problems, nausea, and cancer. It helps dogs get rid of cancerous cells, something that is very good since a large percentage of dogs succumb to cancer.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Just like with any medication, improper use of CBD oil can lead to some side effects in dogs. Dog owners need to make sure that they have followed instructions when using medicinal cannabis for pets and ensure that the right dosage is used.

The most common side effects include low blood pressure caused by a high dosage of CBD (this can lead to lightheadedness in dogs), dry mouth caused by reduced production of saliva which makes dogs take excess water, and drowsiness caused by the calming effect brought by CBD. You should not worry about these side effects as long as you use the correct dosage of CBD.


CBD oil is the game changer when it comes to the treatment of various illnesses in dogs. Dog owners want to see their dogs healthy and happy, and they work very hard to achieve this. CBD oil has come to make things easy for them. A healthy and happy dog brings happiness, reduces loneliness, and calms the dog owner down.

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