Ensuring Your Dog's Wellbeing Should Be Your Priority: A Step-By-Step Guide

Other Than Food, Medical Care and Grooming, There Are Other Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Happiness Quotient

Dogs with their adorable and grateful attitude make their owners feel special and loved. The quality of your life is improved when you have a playful furry mate waiting for you every day. At the same time, what exactly are you doing to improve their wellbeing and increase their happiness quotient?

Here are some steps you can take to enhance your dog’s well-being.

Exercise More

Dogs love to be active. You may just mention the walk or reach out for the leash and your dog will be jumping with excitement. Increasing your dog’s exercise activity level will be well received by them. You can do so by taking your furry friend for long hikes, letting them join you for a run, and some extra short outings every week. Another thing you can do is to look for a place wherein your dog can run for a while leash-free. This experience is enjoyed the most by dogs.

Keep Them Clean

To keep your dog’s coat in an orderly manner and free of matting, groom your dog regularly. If you do notice that their coat has matted in someplace, be gentle while cleaning it and do not tug harshly. Also, know when should you wipe a dog's bottom to keep it clean. It must be done every time you are giving them a bath. Though the secretions are generally used by your dog to mark their territory, it is still recommended that you should wipe the area clean once in a while. Maintaining short toenails allows your dog to have easier and comfortable movement. Though the long fur on your dog does make it appear very cute, you must give them a haircut to allow unobstructed vision.

Understand Their Needs

If your dog is feeling bored and restless, you can help them by engaging them in activities like puzzles, new toys, or new places to visit. You can make them learn some new tricks or skills to combat boredom. Dogs understand visual signals faster than verbal ones. When you are trying to train them, use hand signals along with verbal commands. Your dog will be able to understand you better and will be happy to respond. Dogs also like massages as it promotes relaxation and bonding. So give them some extra dose of care. 

Give Them Your Time

While dogs can go around sniffing different places or maybe even play with their own toys, they will still need company. When you take them for walks, don’t be in a hurry. Let your dog peacefully enjoy his walk with you. Remove their collars so they can move freely for some time. If you are using fashion accessories on your dog, it would be good to take them off every night. Though it may take some extra time to put them on and remove them every night, your dog will enjoy quality sleep. Finally, make sure you feed them fresh and healthy food. A good diet and add years to your dog’s life.