Questions To Ask Before Buying Pet Insurance


"As a pet owner, you always want to keep the perfect health of your dog. So, you may think of buying pet insurance. It can help you reduce the veterinary costs for your pet. However, there are lots of pet insurance providers on the market. You should choose the best pet insurance plan for you and your pet’s needs.  

To help you, the following are some questions to as before you purchase pet insurance. "

Do I look for a pet comprehensive insurance plan or a pet health discount plan? 

If you prefer a discount fee plan, you can be charged an annual fee. For example, if the checkup costs $100, you can only pay $80. 

On the other hand, a health insurance plan can cover like the way your insurance covers you. You need to pay the monthly premium. It may cover specific visit types or conditions. As you take your dog to the veterinarian, you will pay a deductible, and the pet insurance pays the rest.

What are the waiting periods? 

You should determine the starting date of your coverage, so you will not take your dog in a treatment they aren’t covered for. Remember that, like other insurance, there is a waiting period for the effectiveness of the policy. 

The waiting periods can vary based on conditions. You may wait for a few days until one month for:

  • Accidents - usually a few days
  • Illnesses - usually 14 days
  • Specific conditions: can be 14 days and a few months, based on the condition

Which is not covered by the plan? 

The insurance plans can also differ in their covered conditions. For example, the plan may not cover hereditary problems or pre-existing conditions, but you can have an additional payment to cover such conditions. You can discuss it with your pet insurance provider. 

Can you choose your vet? 

Your chosen coverage and provide will dictate whether you can select or not your vet. There is some pet insurance where you can visit the veterinarian of your choice. Make sure to pay for care upfront and file a claim. 

Does the pet insurance carry routine wellness care coverage? 

If you want a comprehensive policy, choose a plan that covers your pet’s routine wellness care. Ask the provider if the plan covers dental care, immunizations, and heartworm testing. You can also add it to your plan and pay an additional monthly fee.

Do you need to pay a deductible? 

Before the pet insurance begins, you may pay a deductible. Like in human insurance plans, the deductible can differ on your chosen payment and plan. With this, you should get a plan which carries a deductible that you can afford. 

Remember that smaller deductibles have higher premiums. If you get a higher deductible, you can reduce the costs of your monthly plan. Some providers reimburse you than paying the rest once you pay the deductible. 

If your dog is aging and you regularly take them to the veterinarian, it can be good to get a higher monthly payment and lower deductible. It is helpful to lower the overall expenses if your dog requires more care. 

Does the plan come with prescription coverage? 

It is a fact that pets' medications are as expensive as humans. Some pet insurance may cover prescriptions, but some provide it as an add-on. For example, if you receive illness coverage, you may be required to purchase an accident and illness plan. Then, you can add the prescription coverage. 

Does it cover spaying or neutering? 

It can be great to choose pet insurance with neutering and spaying coverage since almost pet lovers use such a service. Basic accident and illness pet insurance programs may not include this coverage. However, it may be included in some preventative and wellness care pet insurance plans. 

Are there any incident or illness caps? 

The cap is considered as the limit on the amount the provider will pay for a specific period. Usually, pet insurance providers come with a cap on lifetime or annual amounts, but they don’t have caps on specific illnesses or treatments. 

Does your pet insurance provider reputable and covers your needs? 

Another factor you should consider in finding the best pet insurance is determining whether the provider is reputable. So, you have an assurance that they can provide for your needs and your pet’s needs.

You can check their website and see the complaints and reviews for their service. You can also ask their clients about their service. With this, you can ensure you’re getting the right provider for your pet’s insurance. One of the top and most reputable pet insurance providers on the market is Animalia dog insurance

By considering the questions mentioned above, you can get the best pet insurance that will protect your dog’s health. In addition, you can get pet insurance that can help you save more for the needs of your pet.

As a dog lover, it is natural that you always want the best for your pet. Buying pet insurance for them can be a good investment. It can offer you many benefits when it comes to providing for the need of your best friend. 

Is it worth it to get pet insurance? 

Yes, like what we mentioned above, pet insurance can be a good decision when it comes to your dog’s medications and healthcare. At the same time, you can also save more on the vet expenses when your pet is injured or sick. 

Meanwhile, there are many pet insurance packages, so you should be careful in choosing a reputable pet insurance provider that will cover the needs of your pet. 


Pet insurance can benefit your dog. However, there are many pet insurance plans. So, make sure to get the best plans that will protect the health of your dog. 

You can consider the above questions to get the best pet insurance provider. With this, the money, time, and effort you invest in pet insurance are all worth it. Get your dog insured today!