Best Choices of Dog Insurance


"The best choices of dog insurance can be found by comparing monthly premiums, deductibles and the history of the company. Since quotes are based on several factors including breed and age, we suggest getting 2 competitive quotes before you decide on an insurance company."


When looking for the best choices in dog insurance, it can be helpful to compare insurance companies and answers to the following questions:

  1. Is the company reliable and has it been in business for a number of years?
    It is important to know the company you are buying from.
  2. Are there Veterinarians on staff who can review your claims?
    Not critical, but could help with difficult claims.
  3. Will the Veterinarian that knows your pet accept the insurance you are planning as payment?
    If not, are you willing to go to another vet that does? If you are very happy with your vet, this can be important.
  4. Can you go to the Veterinarian or specialist of your choice?
    It is common to allow you to choose your veterinarian without a pre-approval. Some vets may put the burden on the owner to pay the entire cost and then submit the bill to the insurance company.
  5. Is well care coverage included or at a small charge for things such as vaccines?
    Most plans charge a small monthly fee in addition to health coverage.
  6. For what period of time are your rates guaranteed?
    Most plans guarantee that rates will not change for a year.
  7. What is the monthly premium?
    Policies range from $5 a month to $60 a month depending on the level of coverage.
  8. What is the annual deductible and co-pay per visit?
    The average deductible in the United States is $100 with a range of $50 to $200.

Good Choices To Compare Free Pet Insurance Quotes

To get started finding the best choices dog insurance most companies will provide a no hassle free quote. We suggest starting with the following companies:

Pets Best
In our review of over 20 different providers, this company provided plans with the lowest monthly rates in exchange for a higher deductible, a good plan if you want low cost and coverage for major illness. Other plans that are offered trade off higher monthly fees for lower deductibles. This company was the first to offer Pet Care Insurance. It was founded by a Veterinarian who wanted to help his patients get the care their pets needed.

Here's a comparison of two leading plans:

1-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever in California has wounds and lacerations from being attacked by another dog

Pets Best Pets Basic Plan VPI

Superior Plan

Monthly Premium

$21.71 $22.83

Monthly Processing Fee

None $2.00
Total Monthly Payment $21.71 $24.83
Claim $1,419.00 $1,490.00
Benefit Schedule Allows Not Applicable $501.00
Less Deductible ($100.00) ($50.00)
Adjusted Claim $1,390.00 $1,440.00
Reimbursement Percentage 80% 90%

Reimbursement To You

$1,112.00 $501.00

#1 Dog Health Insurance in North America

best choices dog insurance

Best choices dog insurance should include a look at 24PetWatch Pet Insurance. It is one of the leading companies in North America and is a good company to compare to Pets Best. They offer a range of programs starting with low cost options. They also offer policies that insure Senior Dogs and other specialty dog health insurance policies.

The bottom line:
Money is a big issue at the veterinarian since most vets require payment up front for major illnesses. Since something as simple as a broken leg can cost over $1000 to treat, these bills can come as quite a shock. With an insurance policy that pays 80% that bill is reduced to $200. It's still a large amount but much better than $1000.