Buying US Dog Pet Insurance

"Choosing a US Dog Pet Insurance Policy can be confusing. Fundamentally there are three types of policies; accident coverage, accident plus illness and accident, illness and wellness/prevention coverage. Beyond the basic policy type, plans differ by how much you will have to pay for each incident (called the deductible), and unique features of the plan such as coverage for behavior training. The best approach is to request a quote (the 3 companies below will provide a quote online), keeping the monthly payment the same between policies. Then compare the policies from the 3 companies and see which one best meets the anticipated needs of your dog. As a rule of thumb, determine what you couldn't afford if your dog becomes ill or injured. Then buy insurance to protect your pet against that problem. "

US dog pet insurance is designed to help dog owners pay for unexpected medical expenses. Like insurance for humans, different policies offer different levels of reimbursement. It's a way to make sure that you can pay for unexpected medical problems.

A quick example demonstrates why this is so important. Suppose you have an 8-month-old puppy who swallows a piece of his chew toy. Your pup is then taken to the veterinary hospital to have the toy removed from her stomach. Her bill for testing, X-rays,surgery, and follow up care could add up to $1500.00. With a us dog pet insurance policy, 80% of the cost would be covered (assuming your policy calls for that level of reimbursement). You would be reimbursed for $1,425 of the cost less any deductibles.

Features of Pet Insurance for Your Dog

There are fundamentally 3 types of dog insurance:

The notable exception is Pets Best Insurance which covers Exam fees (any veterinarian), accidents and illness and behavioral consults in all policies.

Each US dog pet insurance company offers different sets of features and deductibles (portion you have to pay). The following list describes the features contained in the typical pet insurance policy.

US Dog Pet Insurance Companies Offering Free Online Quotes

It pays to shop around and get quotes from more than one US Dog Pet Insurance Company. The following companies will provide a free online quote, making comparison shopping easy:

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