8 Best Pet Gifts in 2023

If you are close to someone who is a pet lover, you are in luck! Pet owners are easy to choose gifts for because there are so many things that they would love. Some of these relate to the pet itself, while others would benefit the human. We have selected eight of the best pet gifts that you can gift to your friends or family in 2021.

  1.  Canine DNA Test

    Pet DNA tests are interesting because they provide the potential to unravel so much information. Many people do not know where their dog even came from, let alone its ancestry. Finding out more about a dog’s history can shed some light on its appearance, habits, and genetic information. These DNA tests allow you to swab the dog’s cheek while at home and send it in to test in the lab. There are hundreds of different dog breeds in the database, so the answer will likely soon reveal itself.

  2. Pet Artwork

    If there is one thing that pet owners love more than talking about their animal, it is looking at their animal. Creating custom pet portraits for the animal lover in your life is a thoughtful gift that they will cherish forever. All you have to do is select an online artist and send in a photo of the pet(s) in question. The portrait will then arrive within a few weeks, and you can present it to the lucky recipient.

  3. Cat Window Perch

    With many people still working from home due to Covid-19, a common complaint has revolved around the issue of cats getting in the way of workstations. They will walk across the keyboard or nap on important documents. One way to solve this issue would be to give a gift of a window perch. The owner only has to secure the perch and their cat can lie in the sunlight, looking out the window all day long. Many of these perches come with suction cups for easy fastening.

  4. Heated Pet Beds

    Pets (especially cats) love to be warm and will tend to seek out heated areas. Providing a heated pet bed is a great way to keep the animals feeling safe and comfortable. They will also be very appreciative of the gift if the animal often sleeps in cooler places such as the garage, backyard, or basement. There are different heating styles of beds available. Some of these include heat pads, microwavable pads, electric beds, and self-heating cushions.

  5. Matching Clothes

    One thing that many pet owners love is doing photoshoots with the whole family. Buying a matching set of pet and human sweaters will make everyone stylish for the photo. It can double for functionality if they can wear the sweater outdoors to stay warm when they go for walks.

  6. Litter Box Furniture

    Living in a small space can be difficult, particularly with pets. Finding a good place to put a litter box can also be challenging, as you do not want it to be right out in the open. You can help with this problem by giving the gift of litter box furniture. This is simply a hidden litter box that has a decorative top, such as a plant or a small cabinet. The litter box will remain hidden, but there will be plenty of space for the kitty to come and go as they please.

  7. GPS Tracker

    A common worry among pet owners is that their beloved companion will get lost. You can get them a GPS tracker that links to your phone by the use of an app. Attach the GPS to the pet’s collar, and the owner never has to worry about them getting lost again. The owner will receive notifications relating to the pet’s movements, allowing them to safely retrieve their animal if they stray far away.

  8. Automatic Pet Feeder

    If your friend or family member is often away from home, it can be difficult to ensure that their pet is eating at regular times throughout the day. An automatic pet feeder can be set to dispense food at certain times and maintain specific quantities. Many pet feeders also have a slow feed option, so the food will come out slowly. This is a plus for impatient pets who swallow their food before they can even chew it.