Blood in Dog Urine From Stress

by Susie
(Alexandria, LA)

I've been caring for my daughter's 3 Miniature Schnauzers for a year. She is in college 3 hours away. They went to stay with her for a week and I picked them up last night. We stayed at another daughters house last night before going home.

This morning while I was packing to leave one of the dogs had an accident on the floor. There was a round circle of blood at the end of the urine. I'm not sure which one did it.

I suspect it might be the youngest because he has a tendency to follow me around. He is almost 1 and 1/2 years old and the urine was in the path I was walking. There is also a mixed golden retriever in the house that is very old. I got a cloth and wiped all the dogs at the bottom but could not tell which one did it. I don't have a vet here and by the time I get home my vet will be closed.

Is there anything I can do until I can get him to a vet. I'm afraid I won't be able to see a vet until Monday.

Editor Suggestion Blood in Dog Urine Problem

The urinary tract system in companion animals is relatively sensitive in terms of stress and nervousness. Mild to severe symptoms can be exhibited when traveling, in response to a separation and times of grief. These symptoms are usually of minor importance, but it should be noted that it represents
that the immune status of the dog having the problem is compromised by the stress, potentially allowing secondary opportunistic microbes to cause complications in such stressed pets.

Mild symptoms can include fever, frequent urination and increased or decreased appetite. The one time passing of streaks of blood in dog urine during travel, separation or grief are not of major concern, but, it represents weakened physiology and immune status of body. Young puppies are more likely to show these types of symptoms.

To prevent any future complications and any possible building dog health problem, this issue should be addressed. It is recommended that you pay a visit to a veterinarian when you get home. Take your dogs for a detailed check up and if needed go for a laboratory screening as well. Also, be sure to get the immune status checked for all of your dogs. all of yours all dog checked for immune status.

For the time being and to support the physiology (condition) of the urinary system and to reduce stress, it is recommended that you should try some natural remedies. A product such as UTI Free will help to address any minor issue developing in the dog urinary tract and a product such as Pet Calm will reduce any stress and grief your pets are experiencing.

Additionally, once you get your dogs checked by your veterinarian, you can also use an immune system and liver supportive remedy such as Immunity and Liver Support along with any specific therapy recommended by the veterinarian.

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