Bought Dirt Devil and Wouldn't Again.

Bought Dirt Devil, Purose for Pets. It is the worst sweeper I ever purchased. The cannister broke at the lever where you empty it. The furniture brush broke the first time I tried to use it. It would not rotate. Then it made a whole in my couch when I tried to use it again. All the attachments fall off. They do not fit on tightly enough when you try to run them over the furniture. The belt even broke shortly after purchase. I wrote the company and they said to take it miles away from where I live. My husband has cancer and is handicapped and it is impossible to travel to get the sweeper fixed. I tried to tell them that it is defective and to refund my money, only $69. However, they refuse to do so, insisting that I take it miles to have it repaired. I am sure they have had recalls on it, but can't find this information out. I will never buy another Dirt Devil again. It would cost more to travel all that way then the sweeper is worth.

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Nov 23, 2017
best vacuum for hardwood floors NEW
by: Anonymous

Canister vacuums will not harm hardwood floors since most of them have rubber wheels and don't use rotating bristles that may scatter debris that would scratch the surface.

Sep 13, 2016
Pet Hair Vacuums NEW
by: Joy

I can relate to your frustration. My first vacuum sucks in a bad way too. Here are some of the best pet vacuum cleaners I have found http://vacuumseek.com/best-pet-vacuums/ ... Hope this helps you.

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