Can a Bee Sting in or Around a Dog's Penis Cause Problems

by Pat
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Our dog was attacked by ground bees and stung. There were so many bees on him that we don't know where or how many times he was stung. Since this incident, he has increased drinking and urinating as well as an increase in appetite. Despite eating more, he is losing weight and licking his penis frequently. His breath is very foul smelling and he is lethargic. Could any of this be a result of the bee sting(s)? He is a multi-poo and generally weighs 20 pounds - he is 7 years old.

Editor Suggestion

Hi Pat,

t's important to consult with a veterinarian about your dog's specific symptoms and history to get accurate advice and treatment.

That said, we can offer some general thoughts.

It's possible that some of the symptoms you're observing in your dog may be related to the bee stings, such as lethargy or pain. However, the other symptoms you've described, like increased drinking and urination, increased appetite, weight loss, and foul-smelling breath, might not necessarily be directly related to the bee stings.

There are various conditions that could cause these symptoms, such as diabetes, kidney problems, or other underlying health issues. Given that your dog is experiencing multiple symptoms, it's crucial to have him examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.


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