Causes For Dog Licking Rear End

by Donna lomax
(Carneys point NJ)

We just received a rescue dog 4 days ago. Yesterday she started licking her butt a lot. We had her groomed as soon as we got her. I just got back from her walk where I noticed some pink tinged mucous in her stool with several worm larvae. They did not appear to be moving. We have not had her to the vet yet. Is there something we should do now?


Vet Suggestion For Dog That Licks Rear End

Hello Donna,

The symptoms you describe are not unusual for dogs that have been rescued. Thankfully, your veterinarian should be able to diagnose what is going on and set your dog on the road to recovery quickly. Bring a fresh fecal sample with you when you go to the clinic. The veterinarian will want to perform a fecal flotation and perhaps some other quick and easy tests that will help him or her figure out exactly what type(s) of worms your dog has and if they are likely to be the cause of the blood-tinged mucus you saw. With this information in hand, he or she can prescribe the most effective and least expensive medication(s) that will kill the worms and treat any other problems that might have been found.

I do not recommend you give your dog any medications before seeing the veterinarian. This could complicate reaching a diagnosis, and you’d only be taking a guess as to what type of treatment would be appropriate.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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