Causes of a Dog Bleeding From the Penis

ROTTI is the dog bleeding from his penis

ROTTI is the dog bleeding from his penis

I have a 13 yr old rott that has lived a healthy and lazy spoiled life. The past week he has been bleeding from his penis. He doesn't act like he's in pain when urinating and urinates normally (other than the blood being present in the mixture), and he has had an appetite until 2 days ago when it took a nosedive down to eating nothing but a few bites of canned chicken (it is shredded, and for all common sense purposes seems like is only because he is weak from the blood loss.

He is alert and coherent knows what's going on and goes outside to go to the bathroom, as he gets weaker he is having difficulty walking.

We are in a financial crisis and on unemployment right now so a large vet bill would be impossible, we fortunately have a good friend that is a vet tech and have had him come take a look at Eotti, at that time we were resigned to putting rotti down..but then again he is alert, and still fighting, eating, drinking, so on the other hand we were torn. We had already started him on antibiotics and that has seemed to keep rotti going.

Our vet tech friend drew blood from Rotti's abdomen and said rotti's body was full of blood and exiting through the penis, so something is bleeding from within..the tech then applied an IC and administered 2 bags of clear fluids. It
seemed to give rotti more energy to keep fighting and so we decided with the tech that we would hold off on the putting him down idea for another day to see how Rotti does. That was two days ago,the bleeding had slowed down the next two days but since he has not had anymore of the fluids the bleeding has resumed.

Still giving him the antibiotics and he is still fighting but he is very weak. My question is, is there anything to give him that will help build his energy, like foods etc. without making him bleed more.

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I am sorry to hear of what your Rottie has been going through. I am afraid that he would really need to see a veterinarian before I could make any recommendations for his care. His condition sounds very serious. It is possible that his internal bleeding is due to a tumor that has ruptured, an immune disorder that is preventing normal blood clotting, or even certain types of poisonings. The last thing I want to do is to make his suffering worse. Since he is not eating on his own, any form of dietary therapy would probably have to be force fed, which would just add more stress to his already poor condition.

If you are unable to provide him with the veterinary care he needs, euthanasia is probably the most humane option left for him.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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May 28, 2018
AIHA a possibility

As the vet said, an autoimmune disorder is quite possible. My cocker spaniel 2-3 years ago collapsed, stopped eating, and his urine was filled with blood. I rushed him to the vets and he was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. This is a condition where the body turns on itself and his red blood cells were being destroyed and shed in his urine. My vet saved him with fast intervention in the form of a prednisone shot, and he was kept on that medicine orally for 2 years. He is doing fine now, but the outcome is not usually favorable. I am not saying that this is what your dog has, but it should be considered.

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