Causes of Dog Snoring and Snorting

by Reader Gary Kozlow Followed by Suggestion from our Vet
(Glenview, Il)

Reader Question: Why hasn't surgery corrected my dog's snoring and snorting problem?

My dog had his an everted saccules. The veterinarian removed a small amount of the soft palate. 1 mm was taken off.

He is doing ok but still makes that noise with the soft palate even though he does not have labored breathing. There is just a lot of snorting and snoring.

Could it be that not enough soft palate was removed?

I paid $2,500 for the surgery. It should of been fixed.

Thank you for your opinion.

Suggestion from our Veterinarian regarding dog snorting and snoring

Hi Gary,

It is possible that not enough soft palate was removed during your dog’s surgery, but that is not the only possible cause of your dog’s continued snorting and snoring. The syndrome that causes dogs to develop an elongated soft palate and everted saccules is also sometimes associated with stenotic nares (narrowed nasal openings), laryngeal collapse, a hypoplastic (underdeveloped) trachea, and other problems, all of which can also cause the symptoms you describe.

Your best option is to make an appointment with the doctor who performed your dog’s surgery. He or she should be able to take a look at where your dog’s soft palate lays in reference to his epiglottis and determine if the right amount of tissue was removed and/or evaluate him for other problems that might be causing the snorting and snoring.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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