Cheap Dog Kennels


"Cheap dog kennels can be found by checking with the Kennel Trade Association, Internet Directories and the Yellow Pages."


In this economy if you find yourself in need of a kennel that is low cost and high quality, you need to do some research. When searching for a kennel there are a couple of questions you should ask:

  • Has any dog ever escaped from the facility
  • How often do dogs that stay in the facility get sick
  • Does the facility have the features you are looking for such as opportunities for your dog to interact with other dogs, quality of the facility itself, the availability of indoor or outdoor play areas
  • Cleanliness of the facility including smell
  • Attentiveness of the staff
  • Medical requirements such as kennel cough vaccinations
  • Feeding schedules

Finding A Dog Kennel

There are several organizations that can help you choose a dog kennel. These include:

Trade Association: The International Boarding & Pet Services Association is the trade association for pet care professional offers an online locator that can help you identify the dog kennels in your town. Member kennels adhere to the groups standards of professionalism, safety and quality of care.

Internet Services: There are several internet services that can help you find and book boarding kennels anywhere in the USA. You can quickly check availability, pictures, rates, requirements, and reviews of any kennel.

Yellow Pages: Most kennels advertise in your local yellow page directory under the heading "Kennels and Pet Boarding".

Recommendations: Check with other dog owners or your veterinarian to see what facilities they have been happy with in your area.

Better Business Bureau: Use this web site to find your local Better Business Bureau. Call them to see if their have been any complaints about the pet care facility you are planning to use.

State License: Not every state requires inspections, standards and licenses. Ask a local Kennel about the regulations in your area.