Cleaner for Dog Flu

by Roger Brady
(Fowlerville, Mi. U.S.A.)

Reader Question: Disinfectant Cleaner to remove Dog flu virus from kennel.

We are an 80 kennel boarding kennel in Michigan. We use Nolvasan S disinfectant, is this an adequate cleaner or would you recommend an alternative?

Thank You

Brady Kennels inc

Veterinarian Suggestion: What is a good kennel disinfectant cleaner to remove Dog Flu virus?


No one disinfectant is best under every circumstance, but for general premises cleaning, Nolvasan would not be my first choice. It does not kill many viruses and is easily inactivated by soaps and detergents.

Your least expensive option is too remove all the organic material (e.g., poop) by picking it up and spraying surfaces with soap/detergent and water. A 3% dilution of bleach is an excellent disinfectant once the organic matter is gone but can be corrosive and irritating.

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide products (e.g., Accel) are very effective but pricey. Always follow the directions on whatever cleaner/disinfectant you use to maximize its effectiveness.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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