Cleaning Yard of Worms From Dogs

by Mary K
(West Virginia)

Reader Question: How to Clean Dog Worms from Backyard?

Is there something that I can use in my yard to clean any remaining worms or eggs?

Vet Suggestion for Removing Worm Eggs from Yard

Hi Mary,

Some types of worm eggs are extremely tough and can survive almost anything you might throw at them, particularly in an environment like a yard where disinfectants have little effect. The most important thing to do is to pick up all the piles of feces that you find in the yard. Sunlight is your friend, so clear out any debris, weeds, etc. that might be slowing the natural degradation process.

While the yard is essentially cleaning itself, it is important that you keep an eye on your dogs. Depending on the type of worm eggs you are worried about, using a monthly heartworm preventative (yes, some are effective against intestinal parasites also) could protect them. Otherwise I’d recommend you take fecal samples to your veterinarian’s office every three or four months. If worm eggs are found, the doctor can recommend an appropriate dewormer.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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