cole's hunting partner

by allan

Cole is my 6 year old black lab. He is an extremly active and large lab (90lbs) and an excellent retriever. Being a good retriever means thdy zfd pretty smart but I can tell you in the heat of the South during dove season you need to do the thinking for your Lab. Recently on a hot early September dove hunt in Louisiana Cole made 6 retrieves with water given between them and at the end of retrieve # 6 began panting very hard. Then he vomited and i knew i had to get him out of the heat and cooled down. What i did not know at the time was the long term damage of that very short time in the dove field. We are waiting to see if he will be back to normal and the VET says he should be ok. The warning here is that in a very short time a large black lab can get heat stroke and become very sick and become more sick even days later. Hopefully he will recover completely and be ready for duck season. Good Luck and be the smart one in the hunting of your lab.

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Aug 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

As a busy mom of three i check up on my golden retriver (8mnths) as much as possible, feeding, watering, and bathing him. Unfortunately here in TX it got hot and w/o warning he changed into a pittiful sight that was unrecognizable. He's still on the road to recovery... too soon to know if he'll be fine. thanx to this i've been doing the best i can for my family

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