Cyst Removal

by Cynthia
(Lansdale, PA)

Reader Question: How To Treat Dog Cyst

My 12 year old poodle has a cyst/lump on the right side of his chin. The vet noticed it but never indicated any concern; it appears to have grown and just hangs. My dog is not in any pain and occasionally, two separate occasions he scratched the lump and it bled a little bit. I just don't like the looks of it. What would you recommend?

Veterinarian Responds To Reader Questions Regarding Removal Of Canine Cyst


If the mass is bothering you or your dog, surgically removing it before it gets too large is your best option. The chin doesn’t have a lot of “extra” skin to work with so removing large masses in this area can be difficult.

If your veterinarian doesn’t feel that removing the lump is in your dog’s best interest, he or she could also take a small tissue sample and send it to the lab for identification (this should be done even if the whole mass is removed). The results will let you know whether or not additional treatment could prove helpful for your dog.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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