Dgo Skin Tags

by Emma
(Rochester, NY)

My almost 15 year old beagle mix, has developed several, what appear to be dog skin tags on her legs, and body. There are a few that she is now licking, and biting all the time.

Is there something I can put on these to diminish their presence and relieve my dog?

Thank you.

Vet Suggestion Dog Skin Tags

Dear Emma,

Thanks for the question.

If these spots are itchy, you could try applying a topical corticosteroid ointment like Cortaid® or a herbal remedy (Itch Ease) to help relieve the symptoms.

If this doesn’t do the trick and particularly if they continue to grow, see your veterinarian to find out exactly what they are and if anything else can be done to keep your dog comfortable.

Best of luck with the dog skin tag problem.

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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