Does My Dog Have Pink Eye?

by Sara
(San Diego, California, USA)


We just (yesterday) came back from a 3 day vacation out in the forest(Sequoia National Park, California).

While we were out in the forest, our dog stayed at a closed kennel of a vet tech, the place was clean and the other dogs were really happy and healthy .

Since we came back, he has some (more than normal) mucous discharge and his eye is just a little bit more red in color (only the left eye).

He is drinking, eating and full of energy as always.

I do not believe that he has pain.

What should we do? Is it a pink eye?

Vet Suggestion Dog Eye Irritation

Hi Sara,

Dogs do not get the same type of infection that is called “pink eye” in people, but they can certainly get other infections or have a reaction to an irritating substance (e.g., dust), an allergy, a wound to the eye, or another condition that causes mucoid discharge and inflammation.

As long as his eye is not painful or getting worse, you could try to rinse it out with an un-medicated eye wash 2-3 times a day for a couple of days.

If this takes care of the problem, he probably just came in contact with something that was irritating to his eye. If, however, his eye looks worse or is not getting better in a day or two, get him in to your veterinarian.

He or she will examine his eye and may need to perform an eye stain looking for small wounds, run a tear test to make sure his tear production is normal, and check his eye pressure to rule out glaucoma or infections deep within the eye.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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