Top Useful Dogs Accessories Your Furry Friend With Special Needs Will Appreciate


Getting a dog as a companion is one of the best decisions you will ever make. They offer you comfort in uncertain times and can lend a paw during hard times. The truth is that dogs and humans are not very different. We both get injured, sick, and grow old. Likewise, humans and special dogs require particular needs to be met so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

If your adorable dog is suffering from arthritis or requires extra attention because they are recovering from an injury. Assistance devices may range from simple to sophisticated.

They allow your dog to live a more comfortable and active life!

dog with special needs

Dog Steps and Ramps

Dog steps and ramps are portable and cheap aid for your special needs canine to move off and onto elevated levels. It introduces a step in between and can be of great help if the dog needs to move onto and off your vehicle. 

Pay close attention to the number of steps your dog requires. If it is more than two, you will be better off investing in a custom-built, semi-permanent ramp. Temporary ramps can be unstable and may pose an additional injury risk.

Since they are unsteady, many dogs will refuse to use them. Hundreds of websites online offer DIY ramp plans. They can be followed to build ramps that do not slide easily, are wide enough to accommodate your dog, and can be easily positioned.

Elevated Dog Bowls

While these bowls earned a bad reputation for increasing the risk of bloat in susceptible dogs, according to studies, large breeds were the most affected by this; however, these elevated bowls can come in handy for pups with special needs.

If your dog suffers from spine or neck injuries, elevated food bowls bring the food closer to the dog’s face, so they do not have to lean down in order to eat. The bowl can significantly reduce any pain or lessen the anxiety that comes with it.

The assisted environment can be of great help to dogs with osteoarthritis and makes mealtime fun again! The bowls do not require big bucks, and some even offer customization options so that you can experiment with and find the best height.

Orthopedic And Self Warming Beds For Dogs

Special needs dogs may spend most of their time in bed, and it is essential that their comfort place does not add to or worsen their pain.

Orthopedic beds are designed especially for dogs. It provides comfort and extra support to a dog’s bones and joints. Especially if they suffer from hip and elbow injuries, some come equipped with memory foam and are of excellent aid for older dogs! 

Bed warmers are not only excellent during the winters, but they can also come in handy for dogs with special needs. Moderate heat is comforting and can lessen the pain of aching joints and muscles. 

Choosing the right bed for your dog can be overwhelming. Make sure it is machine washable, the covers can be easily removed, and the weather your dog stretches out or curls up like a ball when it is asleep. 

No Pull Harnesses For Dogs

Often dogs require help moving up the stairs or moving from one place to another. Harnesses can provide convenience for both of you. The variety you can see at Westley shows how the extra support can come in handy when they are moving up and down the stairs and entering and exiting the vehicle.No pull harnesses can come in a variety of colors as well, making it a fun way to dress up your pup. It is strong yet comfortable enough to be worn for prolonged periods of time!

Foot Traction

Dogs with special needs may benefit from extra friction when they come across slippery surfaces. Sliding on such surfaces can prove to be a health hazard and may result in injuries or worsen the already existing ones. 

You can either install a carpet in your apartment or buy non-skid socks off the internet. The latter can come in handy as it is portable. Choosing socks that are the right size as too large will slip off your dog’s feet and will not serve their function efficiently. 

If non-skid socks do not work for you, then non-skid adhesive bandages can be of great help! You can easily carry them in your car or a purse and apply them as needed!

special needs dog

It may not be easy to care for a dog with special needs, but it is worth it in the end. You will receive unlimited cuddles, love, and warmth from your adorable puppy. Accessories for dogs with special needs can provide convenience for you and your pup. It can greatly increase the quality of your dog’s life, and they will forever thank you for their presence!