Dog Addisons Hair Loss

by Eileen
(Pittsburgh, PAQ)

He had been diagnosed for Addisons in crisis. My dog was immediately given treatment and prednisone for one month.

He has been off prednisone for one month and about 2 weeks ago began to lose his hair and it is continuing. The Veterinarian says prednisone is the cause, which I believe.

But how long will he continue to lose hair and when will it start to grow again?

Vet Sugggestion dog hair loss due to prednisone

Hi Eileen,

I am not sure exactly what medications your dog is taking for his Addison’s disease at this point, but if he really is losing hair because of the prednisone, you should look into a different treatment protocol.

Two good treatment options for canine Addison’s disease are widely available. The first is a pill called fludrocortisone that is usually given twice daily. You may or may not need to give additional low doses of prednisone with this drug.

Percorten-V is an injection that is given every 25 days. Most Addisonian dogs do need to receive a low dose of prednisone on a regular basis with Percorten-V.

Owners of Addisonian dogs should always have prednisone on hand to give on an emergency basis during a crisis or during times of stress.

Talk to your veterinarian about which option might be best for your dog.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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