Dog Barking When Going Outside to Potty

by Shannon
(Virginia, USA)

Dog Barking Reader Question:

I am the very proud owner of two American Pitbull Terriers, one male, one female. My female is 4 years old and the male is her almost-2 year old son. They are both very well behaved, but my male, Biggie, barks and yelps seemingly uncontrollably when we take him outside to potty!

He knows his "stop barking" command and any other time, listens to it and stops, but when we take him outside (especially first thing in the morning and when we take him out after coming home from work) its like he just can't help himself.

He hasn't always done this, its just started over the last 6 mos or so. It's not a painful noise, more like the barking he does when we first come home from work and he's really excited.

I took him to the vet just in case going to the bathroom was hurting him and causing it, but physically he's fine.

Has anyone seen/heard of this before? He is such a well behaved dog and always does what he's told, so that fact that we discourage this habit and he continues to do it implies to me that in some way maybe he can't help it, but i just don't know. If he's in some kind of distress or experiencing some sort of anxiety I want to help him, I just don't know whats wrong!

Dog Health Guide Editor Comment

Dear Shannon,

Thank You For Your Question.

American Pit-Bull Terriers are friendly dogs; and are good candidates for obedience training.

Though considered aggressive as compared
to other breeds, if properly trained at an early age, these types of dogs can become an appropriate companion dog.

It seems that Biggie is trying hard to follow your obedience training, but his sphincter muscles are not strong enough to control potty or urine for a long period of time, which is common in young dogs. This appears to be the case since your dog behaves in an annoying manner when you take him outside after a long time, early in the morning and after you come home from work.

It should be noted that such behavior might also be related to some kind of bodily weakness or health condition, and remember that if it is not properly handled or diagnosed it might cause severe problems latter.

For the time being, you should try and train your dog to use an indoor litter box. Try litter training and use a disposable litter material such as Purina Second Nature Dog Litter. This will surely help to reduce any pressure over the sphincter and it will be more convenient for your schedule as well.

Along with training your pet for the litter box, you also might want to try a natural remedy such as Better-Bladder Control, which can help to strengthen the bladder muscles and sphincter.

If the problem persists, you should take your dog for a detailed check up. The problem might be related to some type of digestive and/or urinary system problem, which can only be treated by a veterinarian.

Please keep in touch and let us know how Biggie does.

Dog Health Guide

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