Dog Black Skin Disease and Euthanization

by Reader Question and Suggestions from Our Vet

Reader Question: Why Do Vets Want to Euthanize Our Dog for Black Skin Disease?

Our dog has this horrible disorder... We've tried several different treatments for dog skin that is turning black and nothing seems to work. It has since spread to her ears, both inside and out.

We currently are using that DERMagic Skin Rescue for dogs and are afraid to put it on her ears.

Do you possible have any suggestions? we have contacted 3 different vets and none of them have any suggestions other than to put her down... Which we do not want to do...

Please help!!

Suggestion from our Veterinarian


I do not recommend you put the skin product you mentioned in your dog’s ears. Some medications can cause deafness if they can pass through a damaged ear drum and have contact with the delicate structures deep within the ear.

Why have three veterinarians recommended that you euthanize your dog? Have they diagnosed her with a fatal condition? If that is the case, then euthanasia and/or palliative care to keep her comfortable is potentially in her best interests. Otherwise, you need to find a veterinarian who can perform the tests necessary to diagnose your dog’s condition and recommend an effective way to treat or manage it.

Perhaps making an appointment with a board-certified veterinary dermatologist is the best way to go.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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