Dog Bladder Control Problem

Reader Question: My boyfriend's dog has been house trained for over 10 years. Four months ago the dog urinated in front of the couch when she lays and sleeps as we watch tv. This morning, she did it again, but it was next to the bed and there was a very large amount. Any suggestions regarding this dog bladder control problem would be helpful.

Editor Suggestion: Canine urinary incontinence or leakage occurs for various reasons. Bladder control problems are more frequent in puppies and older dogs since they are more vulnerable to risk factors and have the least muscular and immune strength. Different reasons for urinary incontinence include poor sphincter muscle and urinary bladder strength, nervous system problems, diabetes, canine urinary tract infections and in some cases, tumors.

Initially, carefully note the symptoms of any urinary tract problem. Look at the appearance of the urine, its consistency and color, whether it is clear, cloudy or contains some cellular content such as pus or blood mixed with the urine. Similarly, watch out for any signs of inflammation around the vulva and symptoms of pain while urinating. Also note any unusual behavior. Any of these symptoms may represent a kind of systemic problem in the dog's urinary tract.

For the time being, you can initially try natural remedies and supplements that are made for this condition. Natural remedies will help in reducing any symptoms and will improve the strength of the urinary bladder. Some specific supplements contain brewers yeast and cellulose which will help to reduce the chance of microbial infections in the near future. Products to consider that contain the aforementioned ingredients include
Vetri-Science UT Strength for Dogs
and Better-Bladder Control.

Try above mentioned remedies and supplements. Hopefully this will resolve the problem, but if you find any unusual behavior and symptoms in your pet, immediately consult a veterinarian. A veterinarian will conduct a detailed urinalysis and recommend a specific treatment for any underlying cause.

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