Dog Bladder Infection with Swollen Lymph Nodes

by Allison

We have a four year old English Bulldog. She went to the vet yesterday because she was bleeding while urinating and urinating frequently. The vet said she had a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Tonight I noticed her left lymph node was enlarged. Her right is normal. Our vet office is closed and the animal ER vet won't give out any info over the phone.

Would the swollen lymph node just be a symptom of the infection (similar to a human infection symptom) or is this something we need to be concerned about.

I will definitely be calling my vet in the morning.

Editor Suggestion - Dog Bladder Infection with swollen dog lymph node

Dear Allison,

I hope all is going well with your Bulldog and that the dog bladder infection has been cured.

Bladder infections in dogs are considered a generalized condition, which becomes clinical only after a long pathogenesis (time it takes for the disease to take hold and show symptoms).

It usually takes time for a bladder infection in dogs to become clinical as bacteria usually ascend from the lower urinary tract, i.e. the urethra, ureter and urinary bladder. Therefore, by the time the urinary bladder infection is exhibited clinically, it has turned into a generalized condition which is affecting your dog's entire body.

Said another way, the canine bladder infection can result in lymph node swelling as an inflammatory response to the generalized nature of the infection. Lymph nodes in other parts of
the body can also be affected, but those closest to the bladder or urinary system will be noticeably swollen.

In this case, you mentioned that only the left lymph node in the inguinal region appears to be swollen. This represents two possibilities.

First, the infection is more severe on the left part of the canine urinary bladder, causing more inflammatory infiltration on that part of the body and secondly, this may represent some kind of blockage or hurdle which can be confirmed by pain and if your dog is straining during urination.

In some cases, where dogs are sensitive towards chemotherapeutics or antibiotics, lymph node swelling might be noted. This can be mild to severe, which should be taken seriously, as drugs being administered may cause side effects and damage to the immune status of the body in the long run.

You should discuss this with your veterinarian in detail. To be safe, go for another detailed checkup in order to check for any other possible complications related to the drugs your dog is taking for this particular condition.

To reduce the side effects of antibiotics and to support the urinary tract during this condition, you can try some herbal remedies such as UTI Free and Immunity and Liver Support. These will not only reduce any symptoms, but will also help to improve immune system strength.

Please update us on your the dog bladder infection and any other canine urinary problems that may have been found by your veterinarian.

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