Dog Colon Tumor Surgery

by Michele

Reader Question: Do you need to break the pelvis bone in order to operate on a dog colon tumor?

I have a 7 year old miniature red dachshund who is 17 lbs. (not so miniature, but he is not overweight). He has been diagnosed with a tumor in his colon. It is not known if the tumor is malignant, but ultrasound and x-ray images indicate that there isn't any indication of spreading. Our vet referred us to a specialty surgery center for a colonoscopy to be followed by the surgery itself.

We were informed in order to remove the tumor, the surgeon would need to break his pelvis bone and remove part of his colon. I understand the need to remove part of the colon, but our main concern is the need to break his pelvis bone. Can you please explain the need for this procedure and what the recovery might be like? Thank you for your help!

Veterinarian Suggestion


I do not know the specifics of your dog’s case, but it sounds as if the tumor is in a part of the colon that can only be reached by breaking the pelvis. As gruesome as this sounds, pelvic fractures actually tend to heal quite quickly, and I’m sure the surgeon has a plan in place to speed your dog’s recovery.

I recommend that you make an appointment to speak with him or her about your concerns (which are completely reasonable, by the way!). The veterinarian should be happy to answer any and all of your questions so that you are comfortable with the plan for treatment before, during, and after the surgery. If this is not the case, find another surgeon!

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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