Dog Diarrhea After Being Dewormed

by Anonymous Reader

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My 9 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy has been having diarrhea for 2 days after giving her a de wormer from my vet. 22.7 mg drontal plus. Is this normal?

She had a 5way vaccine on November 7. She seems fine as far as activities. She is also eating and drinking normal. I am just concerned that something else is wrong. I spoke to my vet, and she stated that it should clear up soon. She vomited a couple times clear mostly the day before. That has subsided all day today.

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

Veterinarian Suggestion Regarding Deworming and Diarrhea


Dogs will sometimes develop diarrhea after being dewormed, particularly if a large number of worms are present. As long as your puppy is eating and drinking normally, seems happy and active, and does not vomit any more, I see no danger in giving her a couple of days to see if the diarrhea will clear on its own.

If that does not happen, or if her condition worsens at any time, bring her back to your veterinarian for a reevaluation.

No dewormer kills all intestinal parasites, so it is possible your puppy has another type (e.g., Coccidia) or a completely unrelated condition.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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