Dog Ear Pus and Smell

by Mr. Rishi Sethi

Dog Ear Pus and Smell Reader Question:

Dear sir,

My dog is having pus in the ears and also smelling ears.I have given amoxycillin for a week but no improvement Kindly suggest some solution.

Dog Ear Pus and Smell Editor Suggestion:

Dear Mr. Sethi,

Thank you for your question. A dog’s ear is a sensitive organ which has some very delicate parts that need be handled very carefully. Pus and a foul smell in the ears represents some kind of infection. But from your description, it isn't clear if it is a primary (started as an infection in the ear) or secondary infection (infection caused by another underlying dog ear problem).

Though symptoms such as pus in the ear may occur due to a bacterial invasion, the exact underlying cause can only be confirmed through proper clinical examination and through laboratory diagnosis by a veterinarian.

Amoxycillin or Amoxicillin is an antibiotic classified as a type of Penicillin. It is a moderate – spectrum antibiotic which means that is is only preferred for certain types of bacterial infections. Also, being an antibiotic, it requires certain sensitivity tests performed by a veterinarian to see how your dog tolerates the medication with adjustments made for the proper dosage for your dog. These types of medications should only be prescribed by a veterinarian.

owners that use antibiotics without the guidance of a veterinarian put their pet at risk, because these medications can cause resistance to different anti microbial agents as well, which in the end can result in the failure of antibiotic therapy. Thus you should never administer antibiotics in such a way.

In case an owner is unable to approach a veterinarian for any reason, he/she should prefer to use natural or home remedies as an alternative method of support for different conditions. Products such as Ear Dr. are safe for home use, effective and do not require a prescription.

In this specific case, you should consult a veterinarian for a detailed clinical examination and lab testing, in order to diagnose the exact cause of the dog ear problem. The veterinarian will identify the proper class, dosage and route of administration for the antibiotics used for effective treatment, along with a thorough cleaning of the ear from pus and discharge.

Even if you use the suggested natural remedies for support, they are not a specific treatment of the underlying cause of your dog's condition, an approach that is necessary to resolve the dog ear problem. However, once your pet recovers, you can use natural remedies for prevention of such conditions in the future.

Best of luck and please see a veterinarian for additional care.

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