Dog Ear Scabs

by Tommy

I have a 4 year old chihuahua.He has medium length hair. His ears are normally erect. Recently, he has some crusty scab like sores on the inside of his ears near the tips. He no longer holds his ears erect. What causes this disorder?? How do you treat and prevent it??

Editor Suggestion: Dog Ear Scab Problem

Dear Tommy,

Thank you for your question regarding dog ear scabs.

A dog's ear can be affected by various factors, such as allergies, infections, parasitic infestations etc. When a dog ear problem appears, it is assumed that there is a problem or some type of weakness or suppression of the immune system.

A dog's inner ear contains normal populations of microbes (bacteria, parasites, fungus etc) but, once the immune system is weakened for any reason, the population of these microbes starts growing excessively, which ultimately can cause primary or secondary ear problems, both in the external and internal ear.

This case, like many other ear problems in dogs, must have started with some external environmental and pathologic factor, which caused an infection or lesions over the pinna of the ear. It is most possible that in the next stage of disease, the internal ear will get infected, which is harder to treat than conditions that affect the external parts of the ear.

So, it is recommended that
you should not only treat this existing problem, but also take measures to control any microbial growth in the internal parts of the ears.

You should start by trimming any excessive hair that extends over the ear surface. Then clean the lesions/scabs and internal ear with a quality ear washing solution such as Nutri-vet Ear Cleanse. After washing, apply some type of skin gel/cream which will help to heal the lesions such as Dermasol. You should continue cleaning and applying local gel until the condition resolves itself.

Along with this approach, you can use a natural remedy such as Ear Dr. for the routine maintenance of ear health. You can also use a natural remedy to to improve immune system strength such as Immunity and Liver Support. Both products used in combination should help your dog as this problem occurred due to a dog ear hygiene problem and weakened immunity.

Remember, these measures are for support only. Based on the dog ear condition you described, we assume that the problem is minor and in its initial stages. If symptoms persist or if you see any unusual developments in the ear over time, go for a detailed examination and laboratory diagnosis, followed by the specific therapy recommended by your veterinarian.

Best of luck and please keep us up to date on the dog ear scab problem.

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Sep 12, 2014
Dandruff shampoo and face cream
by: Anonymous

My chi had the tips of his ears going darker and sort of crusty with the hair falling out. I just tried the advise from the lady above and it's really made a difference already. I bathed them with warm water and Cotten balls. Then just washed the tips with human head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner in one then put some of my ponds dry skin face cream on them and they look 80% better already. :) jus make sure you don't use any strong creams I would say try more natural face creams or something for sensitive skin.

Mar 16, 2011
Chihuahua ear scabs
by: Anonymous

My 1 yr old 2 Lb Chi developed scabs on the tips of both ears, and chunks of hair and skin kept coming off. She looked positively moth-eaten!
I knew it wasn't poor diet; she free-feeds a kibble that grades 124 points, and I have Darwin's raw food delivered to the house monthly, although she won't eat it unless I partially cook it, and she eats doggie-appropriate fruit whenever I do.

I treated both her and the cat for ear-mites. No change, still scabby. So, to follow up on a comment that it may be caused by a fungus like human dandruff, I rubbed a few drops of Scalpicin on the tips of her ears at night, and followed in the morning with a good dose of my face moisturizer. After 3 or 4 treatments, the scabs were gone, and they haven't come back for 2 months.

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