Dog Ears Bleeding After Surgery

by Dewey

My dog just had ear surgery to remove a dog ear hematoma - blood under the ear from a vein. I would like to know what i can put on it to stop the bleeding?

Editor Comment - Dog Ears Bleeding and Dog Ear Hematoma

Dear Dewey,

Thank you for your question regarding dog ears bleeding after surgery.

Post surgical care is always a crucial part in treatment, as an owner has to carry on management and care on their own. Thus, it is always recommended that an owner carefully discuss and understand all directions discussed with your veterinarian.

Be sure to take notes and in cases where you can't remember or are having a problem, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Post surgical care, in the case of a dog ear operation is always difficult, as the dog shakes its head, feels irritation and most of all the healing process is slow due to the nature of the muscles and thickness in the operated area. More over, a dog ear has a rich blood supply through veins, arteries and capillaries, so the bleeding may persist and sometimes, if immediate steps are not taken, mild to severe anemia may occur.

To prevent excess bleeding, cushion stitches are always helpful in controlling the surface of the operated ear and underlying cartilage. But, if a deformity of the ear occurs as a result of the stitches, it is recommended that a bandage be firmly applied on the surface of ear, so that the surface remains intact. Other measures for reducing bleeding are to restrict a dog's head movement.

In this case, it is recommended that you try to restrict your dog's head movement, and apply some type of coagulation agent such as Four Paws Quick Blood Gel, which can help to stop excessive bleeding. The bleeding over the outer ear mostly occurs due to weakened veins and arterial supply. You can also try a natural remedy such as Heart and Circulation Tonic to improve vein strength, arteries and capillaries of the body.

Vitamin C is an effective coagulating agent, so include excessive quantities of vitamin C in your dog's regular diet until the condition resolves. You can also apply vitamin E oil locally to enhance recovery.

These tips along with a veterinarian's care will help with this dog ears bleeding problem.

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