Dog Eye discharge - is it Allergies or Candida?

by Mirza
(Toronto Ont)

Is the dog eye problem caused by allergies or candida?

I was told my dog has allergies than I was told she has candida. It seems like the Vet is guessing. They do not know if my dog has pain or not and I know she has no energy; does not want to walk and he bites me so I cannot administer all the given treatment such as eye drops and washing her ear.

He wants to be held. They tell me he is spoiled not sick, that is why he wants me to hold him. All I know is that he has light green discharge from his eyes, a scratchy ear and is chewing his feet. He sits and cries, many times she is rubbing his face on the towel indicating that his face must be itchy.

She constantly growls when I pick her up which to me means that she may have pain. The Vet charges hundreds and is only guessing, I loose my mind he is not well, no one knows why with lots of medication given. Now he is on Benadryl.

His pooh smells bad and it is black. The Vet told me to keep watching how long before I know what is wrong with him . He had a physical 6 months ago and he was ok.

I don't know what pain medication to give him, and when.

Kindly advise

Suggestion from our Veterinarian: Dog Yeast or Candida

Signs of itchiness, green or yellowish discharge from the eyes, chewing of the feet and disturbed bowel activity does represent signs of candidiasis or a
yeast infection, but it is not necessarily a yeast infection. Because, a yeast infection is relatively rare in dogs since it is caused by a certain type of yeast like fungus.

The signs, and onset of these signs in recent months may be because of excessive medication, especially that of antibiotics. Antibiotics, especially broad spectrum antibiotics can kill most of bacteria thus leaving dog exposed to fungus or fungus like infections. So, signs of allergy are usually exhibited in conditions like this one.

I’d suggest following:

  • If you are continuing with any prescribed medication, especially antibiotics then you should consider discussing it with your vet as a possible cause. Excessive medication is not good for your dog.

  • If you are feeding any processed food or synthetic products (including vitamins and minerals) for your dog, stop feeding it. Instead, go for natural products and food, which will restore the conditions in gastro-intestinal tract.

  • Usually, such prolonged signs and ever declining condition indicates imbalance in the immune system. Symptomatic treatment remains in-effective unless the immune system is strengthened.
  • If your dog was inoculated with certain vaccines recently, these signs may be a reaction to immunization.

Instead of guessing, it is suggested that you take your dog to a veterinarian for a detailed laboratory examination of scrapings or a biopsy specimen from mucocutaneous lesions to confirm the candida. Remember, signs of candidiasis are usually variable and non-specific. A confirmed diagnosis can not be made only on the basis of signs and symptoms.

We cannot prescribe any treatment online, but this should help to think and discuss with your vet the right direction.

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Aug 30, 2017
Getting there
by: Mirza

After all this treatments and visits to vets spending thousands of dollars,x ray ultra sound visit to a holistic vet the best in Ontario, an internal medical doctor at emergency clinic a year and a half later my dog still has the same symptoms.She is now on freeze dried raw, and dried chicken neck for treats, also raw bones for her teeth,which is snow white and raw vegetable sometimes a slice of apple or a pear,

She gets bone soup, and pumpkin for anti fungus.

I am still using antioxidants ,digestive enzymes ox-e drops immune support, and anti parasitic drops. The wonderful Gland ax powder totally healed her anal gland problem,but her allergies is still acting up.Tears in the eyes sneezing, and chewing paws shaking ears till she falls over.
I changed her food many times but she is eating the best of the best one bag $40-50 for a few once. Getting the allergic test is a waste of money the vet told me since they are shooting in the dark with that issue.

I could not possibly do anything more for my little dog except live with the problem. I never ever have her vaccinated for anything even rabies are good for 7 years (read vaccination) nor would I ever give her antibiotics,that would totally mess up her inside all over again. I take her to be groomed 6 weeks to 8 weeks at the time Her coat is shiny and soft. I took her from a shelter ,and in 3 years we came a long way for getting better.Maybe one day I will find out what is her enemy in the environment if I take her to an other country. For now I just love her and take care of her the best way any one can,that I know I only know how much work I put in to keep her well ,and safe.

After printing 410 pages of all about dog health very few information is news to me for now. But I am always open minded to learn more.

May 05, 2016
How I am curing my dog
by: Mirza

After all the praising of the vet, my dog still is in pain, and itchy and has eye discharge, but now it clearing up it is white. Her anal gland still fills up in 2-3 weeks and has to be expressed or she cries like a "lion", when I touch her lower stomach and behind.
Searching the internet came across a very interesting site ,where they sell Nzymes kits, which is claimed to be the best cure for dogs to repair the GI, and get rid of itchy skin and ears
It has granules (anti oxidants) oxy drops
black leaf tinctures, and a powder called a back pack.
I am giving at to her 2 times a day to clean her system out from medications and not so high quality food (which I didn't know is bad food)Nzyme is for yeast or fungus the company claims, and I am sure it will help her in a few months, or a year, that is how long it takes to detox her little body. She is given now, Orijen fish kibbles with no grain and gets no treat only dry fish
No fruit no vegetable no bones.
I also administer to her behind every hour sea salt and calendula drops with warm water to try to open her anal gland which should open from this compact, and drain by it self .Bought her an anti fungal shampoo and bathing her every week, and wash her ears and eyes 3 times a day with the anti oxidant drops.
It has been proved to help a dog to be toxic free in a year, and her immune system should be restored
I still I have to work on her anal gland proper function.
I am very committed to make her well, and get her pain free however, it can still be something undiscovered illness inside of her body otherwise she should not feel pain from touching her.
She had x-ray blood test fecal test, and declared to be well, yet I am going to investigate till they find the cause of her pain.
I definitely deny any more medication from the vet
and hoping that the real problem will surface soon.
At this point I will not allow any vaccination until she feel better.

Jan 30, 2016
I took your advice, and went to an other vet
by: Mirza

After reading your advice, my dog went to the vet and now it is proven that he has allergies, also giving him special food for the digestive system, and probiotic in a powder with his food.

He was stressed out from scratching and lack of sleep but now his condition improved. The eye gets discharges but light and not every day.

My vet is wonderful and the best in Toronto. He did a blood test, a fecal test, and prescribed some calming medication. The special food is helping him to have a better stool. I am also allowed to give him Benadryl once or twice a day.

Thank you so much, for your advise.

A few hundred dollar means nothing if the little one is not suffering, and I have peace in my mind.

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