Dog Eye Infection

by Robert
(Houston, Texas)

Reader Question: Dog Eye Infection

I have a two year old female Westie, she gets mucus that is thick and it covers her entire eye ball. It's only in her left eye and it has to be cleaned 5 to 6 times a day. The surrounding white part of the eye is red and very sensitive.

I have been given (Prednisolone) but it doesn't seem to be helping. The vet that I'm using doesn't seem to be helping her at all. I've spent $500.00 to this date with no help. I'm hoping there is something I can purchase over the counter that may help, or least info as to what I can do.



Vet recommendations for a dog eye infection

Hello Robert,

Can you determine by looking at your dog’s veterinary records whether or not she has had a Schirmer tear test to look for adequate tear production; corneal stain to check for wounds and ulcers on the surface of the eye; a check of her eye pressures to rule out glaucoma and other conditions; a flushing of her nasolacrimal duct (the tube connecting her eye to her nose through which tears normally drain); and a thorough ophthalmological exam that included medications to dilate her pupils?

Those tests are what I consider a minimum work-up for dogs with symptoms similar to the ones you describe. If she hasn’t had all of these tests done (and even if she has and you are just getting frustrated with your current vet), consider getting a second opinion from a doctor who is comfortable with these procedures. A veterinary ophthalmologist might be your best option.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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