Dog Flakey Skin

by Phyllis Middlebrook
(Pittsfield, MA)

Dog Flakey Skin Reader Question:

My ten-year-old miniature schnauzer has little bumps on her lower back with pepper-like things that I can remove with a fingernail or they show up in her bathwater. Are they a bug or something else? How to treat? Thank you for your help.

Dog Flakey Skin Dog Health Guide Editor Answer:

Dog skin problems such as dog skin bumps and the appearance of some type of dirty matter being found represents some type of parasitic and/or allergic condition.

Flea allergy dermatitis is usually represented by bumps and severe itching over the skin. Along with severe itching, dirty matter, which is either fleas or their excrement, sheds after combing or rubbing.

Affected dogs are likely to be uncomfortable and restless. The lower back, abdomen, inner thighs, and the neck and ears are commonly affected; the skin develops bumps along with alopecia (hair loss) and redness. Remember that the severity of symptoms may vary. Hypersensitive dogs show an earlier response to allergic flea bites, while others remain either asymptomatic (no symptoms) or with mild symptoms.

Treating a flea infestation in dogs requires the use of particular insecticidal preparations, which are specially formulated for a flea infestation. There are two different approaches for treating fleas, i.e. medications used orally or applied topically. Oral preparations are effective
but require a prescription; on the other hand topical preparations act slower but may not require any prescription.

You can try herbal preparations for the time being, combined with a quality herbal shampoo with an anti–flea preparation. Use per the manufacturer’s directions for application; either dips or thorough rinsing is directed.

In terms of an anti-flea preparation, consider using a product such as Dermisil Herbal Flea dip. They offer a quality herbal shampoo as well.

You might need to repeat the treatment to completely eliminate fleas as well as any residue of the parasites, which can cause severe dermal allergy if left untreated.

If your dog experience severe itching and discomfort due to flea bites, you can also try some soothing cream to relieve symptoms such as FleaDerm for Flea Bite Dermatitis.

Treating fleas that are all over a dog is usually not sufficient; other treatment goals include disinfection of the dogs environment. Wash all of your dog's belongings, clothes and bedding with warm water mixed with quality detergent. Carpets and Sofas etc should be thoroughly vacuumed. You can use a quality disinfectant sprayed in your home with sprayer such as Benzarid.

Remember, fleas can cause mild allergic reactions in humans too, so be careful when handling your pet, and keep children away from your dog until it recovers.

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