Dog Just Diagnosed with Cushings Disease, What to do ?

by Jay

My Cairn Terrier Callie Girl is 12, The Vet says she is developing Canine Cushings Disease, She only shows higher enzyme levels at this point, What can I do to prevent any further development of the disease?

Editor Suggestion: Canine Cushings Disease, What to do after diagnosis

Canine Cushing's disease is the other name for “Hyperadrenocorticism”, which is caused by excessive secretion of cortisol by the adrenal glands. This disease usually occurs in middle age and older dogs. Some breeds including terriers are predisposed to Cushings. Your Cairn Terrier is a senior dog and was surely predisposed to this disease.

In order to treat or prevent any development of Cushings in dogs, it is important to know which form of the disease your dog has. It has two forms, of which the more common form occurs due to a tumor over the pituitary gland (75 – 80% of cases) while the other form is less common and is related specifically to the adrenal gland (10 – 15% cases). So, you should discuss this with your veterinarian to test for the form of Cushing's your dog is suffering from.

Canine Cushings disease treatment is preferably done with specific drugs, like Mitotane or Trilostane, which are always administered with a prescription so that the dosage is calculated properly for your dogs specific condition. Regular monitoring of clinical symptoms is compulsory during treatment, so that any cortisol deficiency that results from treatment can be prevented. In some cases, surgical removal of the pituitary tumor is the most effective way to treat Cushing's disease in dogs.

Anyhow, the exact mode of treatment should be decided by your attending veterinarian, according to the clinical status of your dog.

Along with the specific treatment recommended by your veterinarian, you can try some natural remedies that are formulated for dogs with Cushings such as Cushex Drops. To support the entire endocrine system you can also use GlucoEnsure in addition to the Cushex Drops. These can help to keep cortisol levels within the normal range. Natural remedies can also help to maintain the general physiology of the body.

Best of luck and please give us progress reports on how you worked with your veterinarian to help your dog with Cushings Disease.

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Aug 10, 2010
Dog Just Diagnosed with Cushings Disease, What to do?
by: Lenny

I'm having great luck with the Trilostane treament for my 13+yr old bullboxer-pit mix. It has the fewest harmful side effects of available treatments and after a couple of blood tests showed steady levels, I just give her the one chicken-flavored pill after her morning meal and the results were noticable after only a couple of weeks. She's been on it for 3 months and is her old personality, back to normal drinking and urination and just as playful as she was in the old days. My vet hadn't had much experience with Cushings, so we consulted a vetinary internal medicine specialist, who gave us several options. This one seemed the best and I'd recommend it based on my experience.

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