Dog Leaks Urine Indicates Canine Bladder Incontinence

by Mike W
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

I have an 8 1/2 year old Yorkie who was diagnosed about a year ago with diabetes. His diabetes is under control and he is doing very well. About two weeks ago we were out in the back yard and when he finished urinating he came up on the patio and along his route were small droplets of urine and where he stopped was a larger puddle.

Could this be a bladder infection? When he urinates, he has a steady stream so I just don't know.

Thanks for your help.

Editor Suggestions Dog Bladder Incontinence


Thank you for submitting your question on dog bladder infection.

Answer: According to the description, your pet is an older dog, and is diagnosed with Diabetes (you didn't mention specific type of Diabetes).

Thus, your dog is vulnerable to various health problems, due to weakened immunity that comes with age. Canine diabetes, even if it is under control or is managed well and the response is good, even then you should remember that it exists incognito and is only being managed (not treated) with medication.

Since, your dog is suffering from Diabetes, clinically, it should have expressed the symptoms of polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyuria (increased and frequent urination). For this specific reason, most Diabetic dogs, even if the condition remains under control, may intake large volumes of water and as a result will urinate frequently and in large volumes. This problem/character is common in such patients.

However, symptoms such as urine droplets falling on the walk back to your home and persistent urination represents dog bladder incontinence. Dog Bladder infections are usually characterized by
pain, frequent urination and the passing of blood mixed with pus, at the end of urine stream. Though it does not seem to be a urinary infection, signs of incontinence surely represents some type of sub-clinical canine urinary problem and a sufficiently weakened immune system, which can cause serious urinary and other systemic problems.

Here, we can suggest some natural remedies (see suggestions below), which will help to improve dog urinary bladder strength and which will help to resolve minor urinary system health problems. Additionally, along with specific Diabetes management, some natural products can help to maintain sugar and insulin levels and other remedies will ensure an improved immune status. These remedies are safe and are proven to be very effective in patients, especially with supplementary problems, like in this case.

It should be remembered that Diabetic dogs, especially those that are older, should be managed with care. Along with using the aforementioned natural remedies, it is better to discuss your dog's status with your veterinarian. Additional care and monitoring might be required, including tests and alterations in on going therapy and nutrition.

In terms of product recommendations, we suggest the following as a way of providing safe and natural support for an older dog.

Better Bladder Control: To help your dog control the flow of urine such as the droplets.

Kidney Support: this product promotes urinary tract health.

Glucoensure to naturally regulate and sustain normal sugar and insulin levels.

Immunity and Liver Support to boost the immune system and the bodies natural ability to fight disease.

Best of luck to you and your dog as you pursue treatment options for dog bladder incontinence.

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