Dog Losing Hair on Leg

by Josh
(Salt Lake City, UT)

I just got this dog from the pound and it looks like she has licked a spot under her back leg so much that her hair is gone and the skin is dark and looks bruised.

What causes dog hair loss on the leg?

Thank you

Editor Suggestion regarding dog losing hair on leg

Dear Josh,

Thank you for your question.

Though most animal shelters or dog pounds take the necessary measures regarding health and provide immediate help for animals, it is always recommended that if someone adopts any pet, they should take the pet for a detailed veterinary examination and necessary measures such as vaccination. De-worming and a health clearance should be done, if needed. This check up is also important to make sure that an adopted animal is free of any disease which might be of zoonotic importance (diseases that can spread from dog to human).

It is therefore recommended that if you haven't gone for a detailed checkup by your veterinarian, you should do it as soon as you can.

For the current condition, it is impossible to confirm the cause of your dog losing hair without a clinical examination. However, since it is limited to a certain area over the inner thigh and it is not spreading over time, it appears to be a minor issue. Irritation and continuous licking has caused alopecia (dog hair loss) and this causes the condition to persist.

Irritation and your dog licking the skin complicates even minor issues, so this behavior should be prohibited.

We suggest cleaning the surface with a cleansing solution such as Clenzor and then treat by applying some type of dermal preparation/gel/cream such as Dermasol to help heal the bruises. Make sure that your dog does not lick the surface, you can prevent her from doing so by using an e-collar especially designed for this purpose.

This condition will surely resolve in a few days, if the area is regularly cleaned and first aid preparations are applied.

Additionally, use a quality shampoo for bathing your dog such as Perfect Coat Shampoo, which will soothe the skin and prevent any dryness or dandruff. Along with this approach, feed your dog balanced food and use immunity & liver tonics, to improve physiological strength, since many rescued dogs surely face a disturbed physiological condition.

If possible, go for a detailed clinical examination as well, for your pet's health and your safety.

Please keep us up to date on your dogs skin condition and let us know when the dog losing hair problem stops.

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