Dog Muzzle Scab

by Ms. Nolan

Dog Muzzle Scab Reader Question: My dog has sore skin on the underside of his muzzle. This keeps scabbing over then the process starts over again. He eats dried food only, so eating wet food cannot be causing the problem.

Editor Comment on Dog Muzzle Scab Problem:

Dear Ms. Nolan,

Thank you for your question.

Dog Muzzle scabs or sores may occur on the underside of muzzle skin, but these should be identified properly, i.e. to see if these are the usual kind of skin scabs found on dogs or of they represent a serious canine skin problem developing under the skin.

In fact, you should carefully note any symptoms that you see. Dogs with light pigmented muzzles develop skin problems more frequently. Similarly, did you notice any changes in the appearance of the muzzle, i.e. dryness, progressive darkening.

Look for any other associated symptoms such as problems with the respiratory system. These can include sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes etc. Also, if the scab or the affected tissues or area grows over time, remember that it can be neoplasia (dog skin cancer).

If there are no extraordinary symptoms, such as mentioned above, this might be a case of mild dermatitis, which starts to heal, but the process does not seem to completely heal for two main reasons:

1. Even though you feed your dog dry food, remember
that moisture in the muzzle and in surrounding areas is enough to keep problem occurring over and over again.

2. Healing is a stepwise process, which includes development of a scab at the latter stages of the problem. During this phase of healing irritation and discomfort is certainly going to happen. It is usually more irritating when it happens on a sensitive area, such as the muzzle. Due to discomfort, your dog might be inhibiting the healing process.

As far as treatment is concerned, I'm not sure what you have applied so far to the muzzle area. You can try a natural remedy, which can help in the healing process and to keep the skin healthy. These herbal preparations will not only be safe to use, but will also soothe, disinfect, and will prevent irritation and keep the skin healthy.

There are two natural remedies that I'd suggest trying. The first is
Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Healing Salve for Dogs and Cats
, which can be applied directly to the skin condition. The second is Skin and Coat Tonic which will help to improve the overall condition of your dog's skin and coat.

Healing should be completed within a week. If the problem persists or if you notice any extraordinary symptoms, consult a veterinarian for a thorough examination and specific treatment.

Please keep us up to date on your dog's condition.

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