Dog Passing Blood in Urine After Moving to New Home

by Sandra
(Dobson, NC USA)

We have a male poodle who is about about 1 and 1/2 years old. We were given "Buddy" by my husband's niece a couple of months ago.

Well Buddy has been acting fine and playing with our other dog last night, but this morning when my husband took Buddy outside to use the bathroom all Buddy passed was blood and a water like substance.

Buddy has also been throwing up a yellowish type mucus. Could someone tell us what they think could be wrong with our Buddy?

Editor Suggestion Dog Passing Blood

Dear Sandra,

Sorry to hear about Buddy's problem and thank you for submitting your question.

The canine urinary system is a sensitive part of the body, which sometimes acts as an indicator or sign that there is a disturbance of a dogs normal physiology (condition).

In this case, though we are not aware of age, breed and definite physiological status of “Buddy”, it seems that your new pet is under stress and is experiencing problems in adjusting to the new environment.

It should be noted that dogs have the ability to hide their pain and emotions. They do not usually behave as if they are stressed, but a newer environment, grief, separation and sometimes concealed systemic problems arises due to stress and a progressive weakening immunity.

The passing of dog blood in urine and yellowish mucous is never a normal sign, it represents a possible abnormality in liver function, which ultimately has left your pet with a stressed urinary system.
This mostly occurs in grieving and stressed pets.

Remember, this is an assumption only, to confirm the condition you'll have to take your pet for a detailed examination and laboratory tests, which includes blood work and urinalysis. Additional procedures such as an x-ray may be required to eliminate the chances that there is a anatomical deformity or development of calculi (stones) in the urinary tract.

For the time being, we can suggest that you keep your dog busy with playful activities and you should try to spend more time with your pet. A daily walk can be helpful, but make sure you do not end up with an excessively tired Buddy at the end of day.

Provide a lot of clean drinking water and try to reduce the mineral content in Buddy's food. Additionally to support the urinary system, immune and liver health, we suggest some natural remedies which will keep Buddy's physiology in a nearly normal range. To support the urinary system we suggest the natural remedy UTI Free. To strengthen the immunity system and liver function we suggest Immunity and Liver Support.

Your pet needs immediate attention, so do not delay. Go for a detailed examination and laboratory tests. Supportive measures are to maintain your dogs physiology only, specific treatment can only be done after a detailed diagnosis. You can continue the supportive therapy along with the specific treatment recommended by your veterinarian.

Best of luck to Buddy and yourself, and please keep us up to date on your dog's condition.

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