Dog Paw Bite Problem

by Roxann
(Sebring )

My chow was born with his back legs deformed.He was bitten by another dog 5 years ago. All of a sudden he has a bone sticking out of his paw. It is red and sometimes deep red. I took him to the vet and he took x rays and saidhe only sees some swelling on that spot.

The x-ray was clear. He gave him antibiotics and mobic for arthritis pain. He had a 103.9 fever then when I took him to the Vet. He wouldn't even give him an exam or take his fever until I asked him.

The bone is still out and the veterinarian doesn’t know what it is. I paid a lot of money for nothing. I am disabled and don’t know what to do.

Please help. I do want to loose my dog. I asked him to aspirate his bone, but he would not.

Veterinarian Answer to Dog Paw Bites Problem

Hi Roxann,

I’m sorry to hear about your dog’s condition. I can’t determine exactly what is going on with your dog without an exam, but I do have a couple of thoughts.

First of all, if the x-rays only showed swelling at the location in question, it is unlikely that what you are seeing is a bone protruding from the skin unless something has changed dramatically in the meantime. While x-rays can be hard to read, this sort of lesion would be obvious. Other possibilities include a foreign body (something that got stuck in his paw and is now working its way out), an infection, or a tumor.

Secondly, if you are not happy with the care your dog is receiving with his current veterinarian, a second opinion with a doctor from a different clinic is your best option. Bring copies of your dog’s records and x-rays with you to prevent unnecessary duplication of tests. If your dog’s care was truly substandard at the first office and another veterinarian can confirm that, you may be able to receive compensation for your expenses and time.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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