Dog Pees When Excited

Reader Question: When approached, our two year old spayed female Westie pees. However, she does not pee in her bed. Any suggestions?

Editor Answer: Thank you for your question. This problem is consistent with the characteristics of this breed. Westies are relatively emotional dogs who become nervous when approached. It is also possible, that a dog would pee if there was some type of physical abuse in its background or if there is a behavioral problem.

This problem can be solved using some basic training techniques. You can initially use a long training leash such as the Top Paw Cotton Web Training Leads; do not try to approach, touch or caress her directly but use the leash to keep yourself at a distance when handling. You should only approach her once she becomes calm and is used to your presence. This technique will obviously reduce her nervousness and shyness when you are present.

Try to take her outside frequently in order to develop her social behavior. You can do this by introducing her to other dogs and guests, but remember that you should only try this technique if you think your pet is calm.

Along with above mentioned behavioral techniques, you can try a natural remedy such as PetCalm Formula which is designed to keep your Westie calm and confident. This will not only help to improve training results, but will address any nervous and behavioral problem with your pet as well.

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