Dog Penis Discharge

by Anonymous Reader

Ever since my Dog, a Great Dane, Male, 4 year old, Coda, was neutered he has occasionally had a yellow brown discharge drip from the tip of his penis. There are no other symptoms, and it doesn't cause him any noticeable discomfort, no foul smell, no fever, no lack of appetite, no behavioral changes. Nothing.

It's disconcerting to see it, but there doesn't seem to be any outstanding issues with it.

Vet Comment Dog Penis Dishcharge


The type of dog penis discharge that you describe is almost always normal. Coda is still able to produce prostatic fluid and other secretions from his reproductive tract despite being neutered, and these liquids will sometimes collect at the end of the penis.

If the drainage were to be associated with discomfort or other abnormalities, you should bring him in to the veterinarian immediately. However, you say he is completely normal otherwise, so I am not too worried.

It wouldn’t hurt to mention this to your veterinarian the next time Coda is in for a check-up. He or she can examine Coda’s penis and will probably be able to put your mind at ease.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Diaper rash NEW
by: Anonymous

My male Yorkie has diaper rash. Left him with dog sitter and stayed too long in wet diaper. His penis is raw. What home remedies to clear it up.

Dog penis bleeding NEW
by: Sue

I am having the same with my male Border Collie 10 yrs old. He was bleeding from the penis he had a weeks course of antibiotics went away fro a week now has come back.I am quite concerned.

owner distressed NEW
by: Diane

My male german shepherd has had a penis bleeding problem for th last 3 wks ..I took him to vet they have put him on course of antibiotics....seem to work at start them came back..Im worried it could be more sinister...what do you think..he is not neutered..5yrs old...

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